When Did the Use of Fountain Pens Become So Uncommon?

Whether you use it for writing, highlighting, or collecting, using a fountain pen is a pleasurable experience. It's convenient to carry about, durable, and desirable to collectors.

It's a Fun Thing to Do

A fountain pen is like a sports car in that it enhances your writing experience. They're fashionable, and that's without even mentioning how useful and adaptable they are. In fact, many people are eager to shell out astronomical sums for the honor of being seen in public with one of these stunning vehicles.

Despite the high cost, it is worthwhile to invest in a good pen so that you may make the most of your money. A good pen can help you get things done and make a good impression, whether you're writing a letter for company or jotting down some thoughts for yourself. You'll be relieved to learn that putting pen to paper won't be an onerous task. You can pick the perfect fountain pen from the many different brands available.

It Can Be Safely Transported

A fountain pen is useful to have about for jotting down notes, writing letters, and keeping a diary. A pen junkie, though, could be concerned about the security of their collection while in transit.

Your favorite pens may go with you in your luggage without creating any trouble. In addition to keeping them dry, you need also empty them before coming down to Earth. This is the most effective method for reducing the likelihood of a leak.

You may or may not be able to bring your fountain pen on board with you. You have the option of emptying the cartridge in flight or replacing it before landing. The latter requires an ink bottle of at least 3.4 ounces in size, which is standard for portable ink containers.

This Is a Prized Possession for Collectors

Writing with a fountain pen has been seen as the pinnacle of sophistication and sophistication throughout history. When using a fountain pen, you don't have to apply any pressure to the paper like you do with a ballpoint. Because of the rarity of fountain pens and the high regard in which they are held, many individuals choose to collect them.

Fountain pens can be either mass-produced or made in a limited run. The latter are much sought after by collectors and often command exorbitant prices.

At the start of the twentieth century, Parker was one of the most prominent pen manufacturers; its distinctive Duofold design is still in use today. Fountain pens are highly sought after by collectors for a variety of reasons, including their unique coloring and gold overlays.

It Has a High Resistance to Wear

It's not as tough as you would imagine to keep your fountain pen in pristine shape. You just need to stick to a few basic rules. If you follow these guidelines, your pen will function perfectly for many years to come.

Don't forget that not all pens are made equal and that some of them won't last forever. You should clean your pen with a cotton towel every so often if you intend to keep it for a while. This will protect the surface from scrapes and wear.

Similarly, this also applies to the nib. When cleaning your nib, always use a lint-free cloth. Synthetic fabrics are dangerous to your pens since they absorb ink.

Cleaning it with some warm water and a stiff paintbrush is another option. Any gunk or residue on the nib will be washed away.

Use It As a Highlighter or in Other Ways

The quality of your notes may be greatly improved by investing in a good highlighter, whether you're a teacher or a student. In fact, research shows that pupils who use highlighters retain more of what they read. Some highlighters are also designed to prevent smearing.

If you want a long-lasting highlighter, search for one with a waxy ink. It won't dry out as rapidly if you do this. In addition, you will have a more difficult time covering up your highlights.

Gel highlighters can also be found. They're somewhat thick and need extra time to dry. You should only use them to emphasize. Additionally, utilizing them is a blast.

Some highlighters come with an eraser at the end of the pen, while others include see-through windows. A highlighter with two tips is convenient since you can quickly change hues. You can even purchase a highlighter that you can refill.


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