There are Many Varieties of Grandfather Clocks

If you're in the market for a grandfather clock, whether for yourself or as a gift, you have a lot of options. You can select a longcase clock, flat top, split pediment, or bonnet.

Pediment Separation

You can't go wrong with a split pediment grandfather clock, whether you're wanting to add to your collection or you just need a new piece of furniture. These clocks, which are often crafted from wood, are an excellent way to upgrade the look of any space. They serve a practical purpose while also adding aesthetic value to your house, making them a wise investment.

Select American hardwoods are used in the construction of the Ridgeway Harper Traditional Grandfather Clock. It has complete side returns, a night silent function, a quartz Westminster chime mechanism, and a mirror rear panel with an elegant split pediment design. In addition to a full lyre pendulum bob and an adjustable volume control, the rear mirror is also equipped with these characteristics.


In most cases, a grandfather clock will be a floor or tall case clock with a pendulum-driven mechanism, weights hanging by wires, and ornate carvings on the hood and bonnet. These clocks are a common heritage and may be found in vintage, contemporary, and modern settings.

Woods like mahogany and oak are common materials for classic grandfather clock cases. The clock face is concealed by an elaborately arched pediment. A finial is a decorative decoration typical of this design.

A brass or brass-painted dial is a hallmark of ancient grandfather clocks, as is a chiming mechanism for announcing the time. An optional moon phase dial is also available. This dial displays both the time and the astrological phase of the moon. Musical chimes or reeds can be found in certain vintage grandfather clocks.

Contourless Summit

Whether you're searching for a contemporary or transitional aesthetic, a Flat Top Grandfather Clock may help you get there. These clocks are suitable for every room in the house because to their understated design. Find them in a home furnishings retailer near you. The manufacturer is also an option for delivery.

The clock face is the most noticeable element. The face and the sides of a flat-top clock will be made of glass. A roller switch located on the rear of the device will be used to illuminate the dial.

You should also see whether there is a pendulum. The time will be displayed via the motion of a pendulum within the clock. The chimes on some of these clocks may be set to turn themselves off at a certain time each night.

When used with a tiny pendulum, you can accurately measure time within five minute increments. Make sure the clock is packed securely to avoid breaking it.


Grandfather clocks, also known as tallcase clocks, are typically fabricated from either wood or metal. They usually range in height from 1.8 to 2.4 meters (6 to 8 feet).

Quartz crystals provide the energy for them by creating an electrical oscillator. With a brand-new battery, they can run for over a year. The standard pendulum length is 3 feet and is powered by a weight. A series of chains holds the weights in place. The weights may need to be changed for optimal stability based on the clock's size.

Grandfather clocks use both quartz crystals and weights that swing from wires to generate motion. Alignment of these wires is essential. In case of cable overlap, the motion may become stuck. The striking mechanism of the clock might break if the wires don't reach the proper alignment.


The Longcase grandpa clock is a floor model that was developed from the original Longcase wall clock. These clocks stand out from the crowd because to their towering profiles and intricate, often ornate designs. Read here about difference between grandmother and grandfather clocks.

Any room in the house is a good candidate for installing one. In most cases, they stand between six and seven feet tall. Their dials and faces are commonly painted, and their faces can be ornate. An optional striking or chiming mechanism can be added.

They often have mechanical eight-day motions. Typically, weights are used to power such systems. Tones similar to the Westminster chime or gongs are played. Both disks on some longcase clocks are rotated twice daily.

A grandfather clock will always be the best option. But they are bulky and often expensive to keep up. Most commonly, they are crafted from wood and decorated with exquisite carvings. Even in the Victorian era, they had widespread acclaim.


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