What is the Best Wall Clock for a House?

Getting a good wall clock for your house is crucial. Ideally, the wall clock you pick would strike a happy medium between the two extremes of modern and classic design. Choose a wall clock with a circular face for a more contemporary vibe, or go for a pendulum design for a nod to traditional style.


If you want to bring more good vibes into your home, choose for a circular wall clock that is best for home. Vastu suggests that a circular house is the most efficient because it allows the most energy to flow freely in all directions.

If you put your wall clock in the right spot, you'll have a happy, prosperous family life. The utilization of natural light and uncluttered decor is also encouraged by Vastu.

In the same way, the presence of a wall clock might be seen as a symbol of the passing of time. There is no one place a wall clock should be placed according to Vastu shastra. Clocks should be kept at a sensible height so as not to obstruct the flow of Chi and other beneficial energy throughout the home.

The north wall is the optimal location for a wall clock. When it comes to Vastu, the north is where Kubera, the deity of riches, resides. Varun, the deity of showers, is also considered the ruler of the west.


One easy approach to give your home's interior a new look is to hang a wooden wall clock. Clocks like this may be found in many different styles and colors. They're a great accessory for any room. A beautiful clock may complement any interior, whether your taste runs more to traditional or modern design.

Ideally, a wooden wall clock would be huge and striking enough to serve as a design feature. Aside from the cleanliness of the room, the clock's condition is also important.

Investing in a reliable timepiece is usually a smart choice. A clock that is even a few minutes fast is not a good option. In the same vein, stay away from mirror clocks that display your present location. This behavior will bring about negative karma.

A mirror clock is an alternative method. According to Vastu, you shouldn't have these.

One other thing you can do to keep your home in order is to make sure the wall clock is facing the appropriate way. The north and the east are the most favorable directions, according to Vastu, for a clock to face.


A pendulum wall clock is a wonderful accessory to any house, and may even help to promote a more relaxed and happy disposition among family members. Additionally to keeping you on schedule, they also keep stress at bay.

As a first step, pick a preferred clock orientation. The west, north, and east are the most auspicious directions, according to Vastu Shastra. Nonetheless, the final decision rests with the individual.

There is a wide range of materials from which to choose when purchasing a pendulum clock. Wood, metal, and glass are the most common materials used to construct them. The hands and numbers of the clocks are easy to read. In addition, some of them have intricate carvings carved on them.

A third hand that displays seconds is common on pendulum clocks. It is installed on a friction sleeve that can slide. They often often have a decorative gridiron. The gridiron is a metal ornament seen on certain of the timepieces.

Clocks may also take many different forms. The clocks, for instance, might be either circular or oval in shape. It's also possible to get them in different hues. Picking the proper hue is crucial. Whiter tones do better than their darker counterparts.


Consideration of the clock's orientation on the wall is crucial. A home's energy, the flow of Feng Shui, and the well-being of its inhabitants may all benefit from a strategic orientation.

It is recommended by Vastu Shastra that a wall clock be placed towards north. This is because the Hindu deity of prosperity, Ganesha, presides in the north, as does the planet Mercury, the ruler of trade and communication.

Vastu Shastra also recommends placing an east-facing wall clock. That's the way the light comes up, marking a fresh start for the homeowners each morning.

Buying a new wall clock for your home? Make sure it goes up in the appropriate spot by following these Vastu guidelines! A wrongly set clock might bring bad luck to the household.


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