What Causes LED Bulbs to Flicker?

Dimming or flickering can occur with any type of light source, including LEDs and incandescent bulbs. Faulty drivers and unsuitable dimmer switches are two of the most prevalent reasons for LED lights to fade or flicker.


Putting up dimmers on your home's lights is a great way to save money on your electric bill. Additionally, they aid in extending the life of your LED lighting. The lights may be dimmed for a more sophisticated feel in the space. However, LED light dimming is not always straightforward.

LED lights and their drivers are delicate gadgets that need specialized circuitry. The efficacy of your LED's dimming mechanism is determined by the driver electronics. You'll also need to track down a driver with the capability of decoding the signal used to adjust the brightness of the lights.

PWM and 0-10V dimming are the most common approaches. With a suitable LED driver, PWM dimming may be utilized to efficiently control the brightness of LED lights. The LED output current is lowered via the PWM technique, which modulates the current's duty cycle.

PWM is useful for precise light dimming needs as well. It's also a way to prevent the annoying phenomenon of flickering. However, while using PWM, LED color may shift. This is because the human visual system is not capable of detecting a continuous on state.

Light Dimmers That Don't Work Together

When LED lights are dimmed using non-compatible dimmer switches, flickering might occur. LED lights can flicker for a variety of reasons, but installing an appropriate dimmer switch is the most reliable solution.

To eliminate incompatibilities, it is better to use identical labels. Hire a lighting expert to conduct the troubleshooting if you don't know what you're doing with electricity.

Dimming switches made for incandescent lamps may cause LEDs to flicker if used with them. Old dimmer switches could only regulate loads as high as 20 watts. You will need to install new dimmer switches if your current ones are not compatible.

A dimmer switch's compatibility with LED lights may be determined by reading the packaging. Most modern LED light bulbs are compatible with a wide range of dimming controls. The manufacturer may also confirm the type of dimmer switch you need.

LED Driver Failure

LED lights that flicker are not only unpleasant, but also potentially hazardous. A power outage, blown fuse, or fried device might all be causes for concern if the lights in your home are flickering. A professional electrician should be contacted for an evaluation. The issue might severely harm the house if it is not addressed.

LED drivers and dimmer switches are both potential culprits in the case of flickering LED lights. There are, however, measures you may take to avoid this issue.

As a first step, examine the LED driver. Investing in a driver that can withstand the heat produced by other LED parts is crucial. The driver will eventually wear out and fail if it is outdated or poorly made.

The dimmer you are utilizing should also be examined. You'll need to replace your current dimmer switch if you use LED bulbs.

Light Bulbs That Use Incandescent Filaments

When you're attempting to get a room illuminated, it's very frustrating to have LED lights flicker. The LED lights' flickering is a simple problem to solve.

The electrical wiring should be inspected first. A malfunctioning circuit is likely to blame if your LED lights are flickering. To investigate the circuit board and locate the source of the problem, a licensed electrician is required.

A loose or broken connection between the fixture and the light switch is another typical reason for LED lights to flicker. Loose wiring or undersized cables might create this problem. Tightening the wiring or switching the bulb to a different circuit should resolve the problem. If it doesn't work, turning off the light's power is your only option.

A faulty capacitor is another potential source of the flashing. Instability and diminished efficiency are two results of a faulty capacitor. If the fault cannot be located, a new bulb must be installed.


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