What Does Koa Wood Symbolize?

When choosing a wedding band or engagement wooden ring, it is important to consider the meaning behind the piece of jewelry. A ring is a symbol of forever, and its infinite circle represents the endless nature of love. Typically, rings are offered to symbolize a commitment to love forever, and the offer is an unconditional commitment. Rings have been a symbol of love for ages, and their symbolism is still as strong as ever. A wedding ring made of Koa wood is a unique choice, as it is associated with the brand name of Hawaii.


While koa trees naturally grow on the islands, many of them have been harvested for their hardwood. These trees were once abundant on the islands but have since been cleared for grazing pastures. Unfortunately, grazing animals eat young seedlings, preventing many new trees from growing large enough to be harvested for lumber. This leaves a very small number of mature trees in the islands. As a result, the forests of koa have become scarce and are located in difficult-to-access mountainous areas. Fortunately, there is a sustainable substitute for this wood: Australian Blackwood.

However, this precious hardwood is a limited resource. There are only a few private lands with koa trees, and harvesting them on public land is illegal. In addition, Koa trees must reach a mature state before they can be harvested, which can take 50 years. As a result, sources of koa wood are extremely limited, and obtaining them is not as easy as it might seem.


While the demand for koa wood continues to rise, the availability of this old-growth resource is deteriorating. A 1993 study projected that the world's koa forests would be depleted in 14 years due to unsustainable harvesting, disease, decay, and high demand for koa logs. Yet, harvesting koa wood is continuing on private lands, and in some cases, even dead trees are still harvested. State and federal public lands are prohibited from koa wood extraction.

Fortunately, koa wood can be recycled to make new furniture, and there are other ways to use this precious resource. Using reclaimed koa wood for new furniture and making musical instruments is one way to minimize the impact on the environment. Reclaimed koa can also be reused for bioenergy or used for new products.


Koa wood is a highly prized wood in Hawaii and around the world, and its spectacular grain and wonderful colors are used in expensive furniture, picture frames, and a variety of crafts and musical instruments. It has also long been considered sacred wood. The Koa tree is an endemic tree that can only be found in Hawaii. It has been here for over one million years, long before man arrived and populated the islands.

The wood symbolizes value and strength. When used in jewelry, the material is known to be exceptionally durable. Its hardness is also very high, with a melting point of 9 on the Mhos scale, which is the highest of any metal. It is used in drill bit tips, high-speed cutting tools, and mining machinery. It is one of the strongest naturally occurring metals in the world and is less likely to scratch or damage than other metals.


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