Exactly When Did Males First Start Sporting Pierced Earlobes?

Earrings, both male and female, have been worn in a variety of styles and forms throughout history. Choosing the best earrings for you is dependent on a number of criteria. Nonetheless, earring fashion is among the most significant. Hoop earrings are a timeless classic that have been worn in many variations throughout history.

Earrings Worn by Ancient Sumerian Women

Check for ancient Sumerian women's earrings if you desire a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. These earrings are maybe the earliest pair of earrings ever discovered. They were first uncovered around the year 2500 BCE and were typically crafted from gold.

Women often adorned themselves with jewelry during this period. Furthermore, it was a sign of a woman's superior social standing and femininity. This type of earring is also associated with prosperity. Men wore piercing and earrings, but only for special occasions.

Lapis lazuli and carnelian were two of the most sought after gemstones due to their beautiful hues. The most likely origin for these supplies is Afghanistan. Many necklaces featured a combination of the two jewels.

There was a high value placed on lapis lazuli because of its rarity. It was a popular option, but it was costly to bring in from abroad.

Hellenic Peoples

Wearing earrings is a tradition that goes back to prehistoric times. Slaves and ladies wore them in Ancient Rome. Spirits and demons were thought to be warded off by them. Earrings were popular in ancient Persia, as well. This was often crafted from precious metals like gold or silver.

Artifacts from the Archaic period were mostly metal spirals, but terracotta spirals were also produced. Gilded clay jewelry was deposited at sacred spaces and burial sites. Amphorae from Melas have been found with this design.

The Samothrace burial from the sixth century is an example of an extended spiral tomb. In contrast, this variety is quite uncommon beyond its native range. The Harbor Sanctuary on Chios, which dates back to the seventh century, also has extended spirals.

It's possible that earrings were worn as amulets in combat or symbols of authority. Some researchers claim that ancient Greeks employed ear cuffs to ward off evil spirits.

Cossacks a Historical Group

Earrings were first worn by the ancient Cossacks. That earring represented not just their senior position but also their boldness and fortitude.

Cossacks were notorious bandits who used to frequently attack caravans. They opposed the Ottoman Turks and Napoleon and participated in widespread pogroms against Jews.

Cossacks had a distinctive hairdo in the 15th century. They had their lengthy forelocks tucked behind their left ear. This was evidence of their holiness in God's eyes. Even more so than pointed sabers, forelocks inspired fear in the hearts of the enemy.

Cossack troops would remove a lock of hair from the deceased friend's forelock before burying him. They believed the commander could track the Cossack down with this lock of hair. So the general could see why it was best to spare the Cossack.

Russian Soldiers from the Past

Earrings became common among ancient Russian soldiers about the first century CE. They were used as both prestige symbols and forms of security.

Most guys wore earrings in both ears. Alloys of gold, silver, or copper might be used to make them. The higher the prestige of the wearer, the more valuable the stones in their earrings.

Upon excavating a burial site in the Russian Caucasus Mountains, archaeologists uncovered the remains of a male warrior along with a pair of earrings. The warrior was laid to rest in a necropolis with a 36-inch iron sword and a collection of gold jewels.

The skull of a female warrior was discovered with a pair of earrings. Her teeth were fashioned like a warrior's and her finery was wrapped around her skull.

Historically, Hoop Earrings Have been Worn

In fact, both sexes have been sporting hoop earrings for centuries. Their ancestry may be traced back to Africa, and they have been a part of several ancient cultures.

The Nubian culture, which formerly flourished in what is now the Sudan, is credited with being the first to create gold hoop earrings. Later, the Egyptians adopted the method after learning about it from the Nubians. For them, the gold hoops were both a status symbol and a representation of the money and strength they had achieved.

Gold hoop earrings had widespread vogue around the turn of the century. In the past, they were only worn by Black people, but now they represent the beauty and might of Africa. In the United States, these earrings are most often linked with the Latino and hip hop communities.

Aesthetic and functional, hoop earrings were popular in ancient times. Metals, jewels, and beads were used to create them. The earring's design was also said to ward off evil spirits and serve as a symbol of one's social standing.


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