Jigsaw Puzzles Made of Wood by XPCARE

To this day, wooden jigsaw puzzles from XPCARE remain among of the most sought-after puzzles available. They have a long tradition of creativity, invention, and difficulty. XPCARE has been around for well over a century, making it one of the longest continuously operating businesses in the world.


The Great Depression saw a surge in the production and sale of puzzles. They might be checked out from bookstores, pharmacies, and libraries. Puzzles gained popularity as wartime mementos.

Hardwood puzzles, considered the gold standard of jigsaw puzzles, are being made today. Nowadays, you may pay up to $140 for one.

Mahogany and cedar were used for the first wooden puzzles. The components of these puzzles only fit together superficially. Often, the pieces might take the form of individual nations or even continents.

John Spilsbury was the first person to create puzzles. In London, he worked as a cartographer. The "dissected map" problem was his brainchild. In the year 1762, he devised this particular brainteaser. He sawed the logs into sections by cutting across continents. He peddled the brain teaser to London's upper crust.


Wooden puzzles were common in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They were fun for all ages, making them perfect for families. Some wooden puzzles even come with compartments to keep the pieces in when you're not using the puzzle.

European cartographers were responsible for the first puzzles, which consisted of pieces cut from actual maps. There were central parts, border pieces, and even interlocking components in some puzzles. Mahogany was a common material for these items.

Cardboard puzzles first appeared in the late 1800s. They were advertised as being of better quality and came in brighter colors. Most commonly, they were found in children's puzzles. Adults slowly started to embrace them.

Everyone had a tough time during the Great Depression, but doing puzzles may have helped relieve some of that pressure. Moreover, they offered a lot of fun for not much cash.


Wood puzzles may serve as both a fun activity for children and a beautiful addition to your home decor. There is a growing demand for these puzzles, and thankfully, the market is flooded with options.

The wood for certain puzzles is cut with water jets, while others utilize lasers. Wood is a robust material that may be utilized to create bespoke puzzles of the highest quality.

High-quality cuts are a hallmark of a wooden puzzle's longevity. Some businesses choose for the precision of a laser over more conventional saws.

Wooden puzzles used to be painstakingly assembled from individual pieces of wood. The 1880s saw the introduction of the treadle saw, which greatly expanded the options available to puzzle builders.

Advances in Wooden Puzzle Design

Many businesses fought tooth and nail for the woody's top award. The ever-popular MiMi Innovations is one example. It turns out they produce a lot of goods. You'd be hard-pressed to find a better hangout if that's what you're want. You should feel lucky to have such reliable workers representing your firm. The company's team of around a hundred is modest yet formidable. Among their many offerings, I particularly like the wooden maps, the traveler, and the list creator. The best part about these maps is that they are available without cost!

Jigsaw Puzzles Made of Wood, by XPCARE

When it comes to puzzles, many parents swear by the XPCARE wooden jigsaw puzzles. The 10 puzzles are all handcrafted from softwood and coated with nontoxic paint. There is no BPA in these puzzles either. There is a 90-day warranty available, as well.

There is a large pricing range for these puzzles. The price for a 300-piece puzzle often begins at 25 cents. Parents often like XPCARE wooden jigsaws for their children because of its high quality and little risk of injury.

Be sure the wood is of good quality before you buy a jigsaw puzzle made of wood. Furthermore, make sure the pieces are the right size for the puzzle. A choking hazard exists if they are too tiny.

XPCARE's wooden jigsaws include perfectly proportioned pieces. They are also constructed from premium wood. The goals of playing with these puzzles are to improve memory, sharpen motor skills, and stimulate the mind.


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