Can Wooden Jewelry Go in the Water?

Wooden jewelry is water-resistant, but it can't be completely submerged in water. In addition, it shouldn't be kept in a humid environment. If ring does get wet, you should remove it from the water and blot it dry. You should avoid putting wood jewelry in the shower or in the bathroom, because the water can expand the wood and cause damage.

It Absorbs Water

Unlike metal, wood is very porous, and if it absorbs water, it can damage your jewelry. The damage can be irreversible, so you should always keep your wood jewelry out of the bath and pool. You can clean your wooden jewelry regularly by rubbing it with a lint-free cloth and drying it completely before storing it. You can also use a gentle oil like jojoba oil to polish your wood pieces. However, you should avoid using too much oil, as it will deteriorate their beauty.

It Expands

Wooden jewelry is easy to clean, but it's best not to wear it in water. Water can expand the grain of the wood and make the wearable surface less smooth. It also dries out the wood. To avoid damage, you should only wear your jewelry when it's dry and oil it every so often.

It Dries Out

It's important to keep your wood jewelry dry and clean. Avoid getting your jewelry wet, and keep it away from high humidity. If it does get wet, simply blot it dry. Otherwise, water will expand the grain of the wood and make the surface of the jewelry less smooth.

Keeping your wooden jewelry clean is easy. Use a diluted dish soap solution on the surface. Rinse the jewelry thoroughly with the solution, and pat dry. You can also rub down wooden jewelry with a soft-bristle baby toothbrush. After the jewelry dries, you can use it as normal. However, remember to dry it thoroughly so that it doesn't expand or crack.

It Breaks

Although wood jewelry is water-resistant, it should not be submerged in water. Also, it should not be kept in an environment with high humidity. If it gets wet, blot it dry immediately. Water-resistant wood jewelry may be stored in a jewelry box. Wooden jewelry can also be cleaned with soap and water.

It Rusts

If your wooden jewelry rusts in the water, it can be a big problem. It can cause the pieces to become brittle, and it can also damage the string itself. Luckily, there are ways to clean rust without destroying your jewelry. First of all, you can use baking soda. You can add a bit of water to the baking soda and scrub the rusted area. You can also use steel wool or a wire brush to scrape off the rusty area.

Another option is using lemon juice and coarse salt to dissolve the rust. You must be careful not to let the lemon juice sit on the jewelry, or it may damage the piece. After rinsing, you can add vinegar to make the solution stronger. The added vinegar will also make the cleaning solution smell like citrus.


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