Examples of Wooden Rings in Jewelry

Wooden rings are a popular choice for a variety of reasons, including their durability and the ability to highlight the grain patterns of the wood. They are also a nice face layer on jewelry. Here are some examples of wood rings in jewelry. Whether you're looking for a ring for a wedding or simply a special gift, consider wooden rings.

They Bring Out the Grain Patterns of the Wood

When choosing which wood to use for a ring, the grain direction is often overlooked. Most woodworkers focus on this issue when preparing and laminating their rings, but they often fail to pay attention to this detail when constructing the rings themselves. Thankfully, a few tips and tricks can help you to make the most of the grain direction on your wooden rings.

One of the best ways to bring out the grain patterns of a particular wood is to make the ring taller than it is thin. This will help the ring to stand out, showing off different types of wood while not obstructing the wearer's natural hand movement. In addition, taller rings will catch the eye more than thinner rings, which can blend in and hide the wearer's hand.

They Can Be Made from Almost Any Type of Wood

There are many different types of wood that can be used to make wooden rings. Cedar wood, for example, is expensive and has color streaks. Kauri wood is a medium yellow color, and it has a closed grain that's perfect for making a simple solid color band.

If you're making a ring from wood, you'll probably need to finish it with a protective coating. You can use olive oil or beeswax to finish wood rings. You may need to reapply the finish every few days to keep it looking great. Neither of these finishes will be glossy, but they will keep the wood looking natural. Olive oil also doesn't fill the pores in the wood, which makes it a good choice for rings.


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