Wooden Watch Sizes Are Described

There are a few things you should know if you're interested in purchasing a wooden watch or simply learning more about them in general. You may get wooden timepieces in a range of sizes to suit your specific requirements.

Ranges of Cost

Prices for wooden watches often range from $100 to $5,000. However, there are a lot of variables that might affect the actual range. Consider the price of the wood and the quality of the mechanism as two factors.

Wristwatches made of wood are a novel and stylish choice. There's a huge selection of designs and options to choose from. While others may have wooden fronts or casings, others are built completely of wood. Bands made of wood are also available.

Wooden watches are high-priced yet last longer than plastic ones. They are more long-lasting since they are chemical-free. They are not, however, watertight. However, wooden timepieces often do not hold up well in wet environments like the shower or pool. A wood watch, however, may endure for ten years or more with the right care.

Marbella, Spain is home to Woodpecker Watches, an environmentally conscious watch manufacturer. Both men's and women's lines feature a variety of wooden timepieces. Japanese quartz and automated mechanisms are used.

Quality of Being Hypoallergenic

Wearing a wooden watch may help those who are allergic to metals. The materials used to make this watch make it safe for those with allergies.

Wood is naturally hypoallergenic and helps to regulate body temperature by conducting heat away from the body. It won't harm your skin in any way, either. It's also easy to transport and favorable to the environment.

Several popular watch manufacturers employ this material in the production of high-end watches. Most timepieces made from wood have a wide array of aesthetic options. Among these are analog timepieces, digital watches, and those that may be engraved. They are typically durable and watertight.

Watches made of wood are also better for the planet. They don't utilize any nasty chemicals or additives in their manufacturing process. To counteract corrosion, some watchmakers also employ modern industrial materials.

The market for wooden watches is young, but it is already being tested by a number of established brands. The brands in question include Gassen James, WeWood, Grovemade, Original Grain, Mistura, and Tense.

There are six distinct finishes available for wooden wristwatches. The most blatant example is wood. There are many timepieces available that are not crafted from wood. Some hardwood timepieces, for instance, really have silicone or metal components.

Individualized Layouts

Wooden timepieces with unique engravings are very trendy right now. These are the kinds of presents that people will always remember. They can be given as a meaningful wedding present or as a birthday present to the groom. These excellent watches are constructed from hypoallergenic materials, which is fantastic news for folks who have sensitive skin. They are also available in a wide range of hues.

Bewell of North America is only one of several wood watchmakers available; they provide a wide variety of styles. Among these is the appropriately called "Feel Wood," a composite of many types of wood. Different sized wooden timepieces are also available from the firm. The "Delta," a triangle face made of exotic woods, is one example. The dial on the dual-tone wooden model is copper colored. Mother-of-pearl is embedded in a butternut wood dial on this timepiece.

Woodburn is another attractive wood watch manufacturer worth looking into; you can pick from four different types of wood for the casing of their watches.

Wooden Timepieces Have a Number of Drawbacks

Wooden watches are a fantastic addition to any wardrobe, whether you need a new timepiece or are just wanting to spruce things up a bit. Both fashion-forward and kind on the environment, they are a great choice. A well-maintained wooden watch may serve you for many years.

Wooden watches are hypoallergenic and a terrific way to lessen your impact on the planet. They are also strong and lightweight. They are also flexible in terms of design. They come in a wide range of designs, sizes, and materials for purchase. Even more customization options exist, such as a leather or hardwood strap.

The two main drawbacks of wooden timepieces are their lack of water resistance and their tendency to overheat. They may rot or splinter over time if they're made of cheap wood. They also aren't able to withstand being splashed with water.

When you perspire, certain wooden timepieces might even start to smell awful. Most people won't notice, but individuals who enjoy physical activity may struggle with this.


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