Wooden Wristwatches for Men

If you want to start wearing a watch, you may do so by purchasing a wooden one. It's not hard, and you have a ton of fantastic alternatives to pick from. It's all about knowing where to look.

Vintage Wooden Grain Clock

San Diego's Original Grain was established in 2013 by two brothers who saw a need for a specialized watchmaker who could work with recycled wood. The firm is unrelenting in its dedication to originality and creativity. They've made a line of watches with interesting constructions that combine metal and wood.

They have a wide variety of timepieces, each of which pays respect to its heritage. Watches are available in sizes ranging from 36 mm to 42 mm, making them suitable for both men and women. They sell their wares on eBay in addition to their own online store and social media channels. The business is also heavily involved in social media, particularly Facebook and Pinterest. Live chat is also available on the internet, but only from 9 am to 5 pm PST, Monday through Friday.

The firm produces a wide variety of high-quality timepieces, and its Koa Collection (which retails on Amazon for $278) is no exception. It is powered by a Swiss-made automatic movement with a 40-hour reserve.

TJW Gent's Analog Quartz Wooden Watch

If you're looking for a classy watch, one made of wood is a fantastic option. Watches constructed of wood are eco-friendly and easy to transport. They are trendy and sure to attract attention.

It's important to be sure a watch can withstand water before buying it. There are watches that can tolerate water up to a specific depth, and there are others that can just endure being washed by hand.

The curved sapphire crystal on certain timepieces is a stylish addition. They also won't scratch easily. A sapphire crystal is an excellent addition to any wooden watch.

Some wristwatches only show the current time, while others show both the current and previous 12 hours. The translucent casing of these timepieces is another first.

Sapphire crystal watches are the most costly because they are so difficult to cut and clean. Mineral or acrylic might be used instead of crystal.

Unisex wooden Bobo Bird Watch

The right men's wooden watch may put the finishing touch on an otherwise unremarkable ensemble. They go well with every outfit you can think of and could even be comfy to wear. However, you should be aware that wooden watches are prone to breakage and may require frequent cleaning to maintain their integrity.

A jeweler's screwdriver can be used to polish a wooden watch. To accomplish this, throw away the old battery and backplate and put in a whole new set. Be sure to scrub away any grime or dry skin.

If you live somewhere very hot, you might want to avoid wearing a metal watch. If you're into water activities, you should probably skip the metal watches, too. Every month, you should give your watch a good cleaning to get rid of dust and grime.

The Bobo Bird watch is an excellent option if you want a sturdy, long-lasting timepiece for men made of wood. It will endure a long time because of the sturdy quartz mechanism within. The case and bracelet are made of wood, and the illuminating pointer ensures legibility even in the dark.

A Man's Wood and Quartz Guanke Watch

A Guanke Men's Wood Quartz Watch is an excellent choice both as a present and as an accessory. The watch comes in a variety of beautiful wood finishes and sturdy quartz movements. The watch is presented in an elegant oak box.

Men's wood watches include ethical production methods and eco-friendly materials. These timepieces would make great presents for Dad on Father's Day. Their one-of-a-kind styles and personalized inscriptions are sure to wow the receiver. They last a long time, don't harm the environment, and feel great on the skin.

The watch's stainless steel casing back makes it more durable. There's a date display window at 3 o'clock. A detachable link tool is included.

There are seven distinct wood tones to choose from for this watch. The appearance of each hue varies. Blue, ebony, zebrawood, walnut, sandalwood, maple, and teak are just some of the wood options available to you. A tang buckle is included as well.

The watch is light since both the case and the band are made of wood. It's long-lasting and sturdy, too. The watch's crown may be taken out with minimal effort, further simplifying its operation.


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