8 Different Types of Wooden Kitchenware

Wooden style kitchenware can add a very natural and relaxing look to a room. You do not want to go overboard with these and create an overly polished appearance. Wood kitchenware that is stylish and easy to clean also adds a sense of style to the room.

For this reason, most people prefer to have a variety of colors, designs, and sometimes even different types of wood to use for various different types of kitchenware.

If you take the time to select a few different designs for your kitchenware, you will be able to find a set that is both functional and appealing to you.

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We are going to break down some of the common types and usages below.

1. Wooden Bowls / Plates

Wooden bowls or plates are generally made from some type of natural wood. The major types of wood used for making bowls include oak, maple, birch, hickory, oak hickory, and teak.

Each has its own properties that make it ideal for use in the kitchen. Oak is a popular choice because of its hardness and its pleasant fragrance. Maple and oak hickory are stronger than other types of wood and are better suited to use for bowls. Birch and oak hickory are lighter in weight and are the most preferred for kitchenware. They are also slightly more expensive than the others, but these are the types of bowls that provide a better look.

In Thailand, bowls are not made of wood. They are made of bamboo. Bamboo is used because it is a type of plant that is easy to work with and does not easily break.

Over in China, rice is served in bamboo bowls. They are usually made of wood, but sometimes the bowl is made of metal or ceramic. If you were to visit a Chinese restaurant, you would see that they serve the food in bamboo bowls that are designed to hold rice.

Wooden bowls and plates are often large, though sizes vary depending on the type of wood used. Because of their size, many people like to choose to have a kitchenware set that consists of several of these types of bowls / plates. These are great options for someone who likes to create interesting presentations for food that they serve. For example, if you have a grilled meat and vegetable tray in your buffet, you can give the presentation a wooden look by using one of the bowls with its wooden bowl design. These are fun to use and create a unique look in any setting.

2. Wooden Chopsticks

Chopsticks VS bowls? Of course these are not the same thing, silly... Chopsticks can be used to serve food. Bowls are used to put food on.

In Japan, chopsticks are often used for serving. You will find that Japanese restaurants have chopsticks which are large and pointed, like stirrers. They are used to stir the rice and then serve it to the diners.

The Chinese traditional style of dining is to eat soup or noodles with your chopsticks. If you eat with your hands, there are rice-like devices called "shu" (醉丹) or "du" (鲁丹) that you can use to dip your rice into. These are really long sticks that you use to eat rice. They are very convenient because they do not need a fork or a knife.

China also has curved wooden chopsticks that are used to hold chopsticks and bowls. These chopsticks are not flat like western chopsticks. It is similar to French chopsticks.

Another important difference between Chinese and western chopsticks is the shape. The Chinese style is called hing. They are longer than western chopsticks and rounder than western chopsticks. They are similar to French chopsticks.

There are many people who have never seen the wooden chopsticks before. They are perfect for this style of eating. They are the same as you would find in any country in the world.

You can use chopsticks in just about any restaurant or kitchen. You can use chopsticks to serve, they can serve, or they can be used to eat with. They are very useful in any setting.

3. Wooden Cutlery

If you are going to use wooden cutlery then you may want to think about getting them in a set of individual pieces.


wooden handmade spoons
When you get your knife set, you can then put the pieces together to create any number of styles that you can imagine. What kind of set you choose will depend on what you intend to use it for and how much money you are willing to spend. For example, if you plan to use your knives for regular table settings then you may want to stick with a set of wooden forks , knives and spoons to make it look complete. For those who want to go all out and have a little fun then there are various styles available.

Wooden cutlery sets can be expensive in retail stores. However online, much better deals can be found – with free shipping, check our stuff out before you pay any more than you need to.

Make sure you also have a place to store them. Think about what you would like to use them for and where you would like to store them so that you can make a choice. If you do not know what you would like to use them for, then this will affect the style you want to get. Decide what you want to use the cutlery for, whether it be for eating a meal or for use in a fancy dinner or for everyday use.

4. Wooden Cups / Mugs

Wooden cups have become increasingly popular for that trendy look in the kitchen or in the dining room. They can also be used for multiple purposes, but for a bit of practicality they are usually used as regular drinking cups. Wood tea cups of different shapes and sizes are very commonly used. These are available in a wide range of colors. Their designs vary from elegant to simple and that too in different styles and patterns.

Tea mugs come in a variety of sizes. These will ensure that even if you are at home you will be satisfied with your hot drink as you connect with nature when your lips touch the wooden rim of the mug. We have a wide range available, so, you do not have to worry about cost while looking for your perfect cup.

Wooden mugs are available in different shapes and sizes. Large or small, they will surely fit in the cupboard, ready to bring out for guests and thrill them with a new drinking experience.

5. Wooden Rolling Pins

There are many different styles of wood rolling pins. The rolling pin from a French antique shop may give you a wonderful look and could be found in many thrift stores, with excellent prices. However, why buy secondhand when you can get a new unsued high quality wooden rolling pin online with free delivery. We have many beautiful pieces, which will help your kitchen look more appealing.

If you are planning on baking a lot of cookies, you might consider purchasing a wooden pin that can also be used as a cookie cutter as it has a patter carved into it. There are several different styles that can be used to shape the cookies. The shape can be whatever you like, including round, rectangular, and even pentagonal shapes. Just use your imagination and you can come up with something fun, especially to impress the kids!

6. Wooden Jars / Pots / Containers

various wood kitchenware

Wooden jars are a great way to add some style and charm to your kitchen. They come in many different types of materials, each with their own individual features and benefits. For example, for a specific purpose, a material such as silver or glass will be better than stainless steel or a cheaper metal such as aluminium (all with wooden lids of course!). Ideal as a container for seasonal jams and preserves. The glass jars are available in many shapes, sizes and colors, so they will suit a wide range of needs. At the same time, a painted container can take on a particular color scheme and really pop. Fully wooden jars also offer a great choice for your fruit and vegetable jars.

When buying jars, it's important to think about one's personality. These are not just containers for food; the actual jar is part of a decorative item that can be added to a display or used in conjunction with other items to create a particular look. For example, an antique black metal tins for wine can give a contemporary twist to the wooden or clear container, for a very classy look. A glass jar, however, with a brush handle, for example, can have a very casual look, as it can stand out against a couple of plain but useful containers. Some jars can even be used as holders for things like cheese or crackers.

Finally, when buying jars with wood mixed in, really think about what kind of food or other items you will store in them. Another tip is to keep it simple - choose what is most practical for the size of the jar aswell as if you are building up a set, rather than wasting money on various different pieces which wont go well together.

7. Wooden Knife Holders

Wooden knife holders are one of the most basic and classic designs on display in the market. These uniquely-shaped and decorated wood pieces are one of the most desired decorative items to give you kitchen that little extra touch of class. The magnificent look of these handmade items has made them an inseparable part of kitchen interior decor. One need not take into consideration the style or design of furniture before investing in these products, as a wooden knife holder fits easily with the appearance of any type of interior decoration.

Knife holders can be used as centerpieces for tables. They look striking on such tables as they enhance the overall look of the room. Designed with cutting tools like knives in view, they come in a variety of exquisite colors and finishes. It is also possible to select from a wide range in different size and price ranges – to suit a variety of knives.

Generally, knife holders come in two parts, the top and the bottom. The knife storage mechanism secures the knives inside the metal housing. This makes it possible to place more than one type of knives in a single holder. While large knives can be placed on the top, smaller and lighter knives can be placed on the bottom. Decorating a kitchen with beautiful wooden holders is an ideal idea.

8. Wooden Trays

Wooden trays are generally made from a variety of woods, including cedar, rosewood, mahogany, oak, pine, cypress, redwood, and beech. Different types of wood are suitable for different uses. Rosewood is considered a soft wood, whereas mahogany is known as a hard wood. Pine and oak are both soft woods that are suitable for uses such as ornamentation and furniture; cedar and cypress are hard woods that are suited for cooking and other uses that require strong support. Oak, which is considered the strongest wood used for making wooden trays, is sometimes even used in industrial production.

Wooden trays come in various shapes and sizes and can be created to any specification. Some manufacturers also specialize in making large wooden trays that can hold quite a lot of food or wine.

Wooden trays can be found in a wide range of colours, from black and white to brown and orange. It is possible to find a tray in any colour, which allows the dining room to blend in with any decor. A whole range of wooden trays can be used to furnish the dining room. Wood is popular for its ability to be carved into any shape. Its strength makes it ideal for furniture that will need to withstand years of use, and it is also used in furniture made from bamboo.

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