How To Decorate Your Bedroom With Unique Wooden Lamps

Wooden furniture has traditionally been a symbol of luxury and customization. It's a sign of prestige and it's a trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Wooden lamps provide a warm and welcoming feeling through touch of natural beauty. Nothing transforms a room like installing wooden lamps. You can make the room brighter, more energetic, and warmer with the right lamps.

The Importance Of Lighting In A Bedroom 

Lighting in a bedroom is important for several reasons, including safety. If you’re walking in the dark past the bedroom to the bathroom in the middle of the night, it’s important that you can see whether there is anything there that would hurt you.

Also, good lighting in the bedroom can make you feel like you’re in a much calmer environment when you’re trying to wind down for the evening. Ambient or peaceful lighting is best for a bedroom.

It is this kind of lighting that will leave you feeling relaxed and happy, which is perfect for a sleep-invoking.

Lighting in a bedroom will also have a big impact on your mood and your sleep. You can install track lights, choose lamps, or install a chandelier. Whatever you decide will affect the design of the room and the mood of the bedroom. 

Wooden lamps are great for your bedroom because they look cooler and provide a more natural light that can create a more comfortable and calming atmosphere. These lights also help the colors of the room to pop because natural light has a better color balance

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Types Of Wooden Lamps To Consider For Your Bedroom

Lighting is a key element of a bedroom and finding a great way to create a beautiful ambience can be difficult. The best lamps for bedrooms come in a variety of options, and there are two to three types of wooden lamps that you should be thinking about ideally.

Floor lamps can be great for creating a much more ambient and intimate atmosphere, and they’re also great for consulting and reading.  Floor lamps are perfect if you’re short on space or want to save money on their electric bill.

Floor lamps are great for any room of the house. They provide light and style and can really make a room feel more like home. When people think about floor lamps, they think about the living room and the bedroom, and the truth is that they're great in any room of the house. When picking a floor lamp for your bedroom, it's important to take into account the size and type of the room. Floor lamps offer a taller, more vertical option for illuminating a specific space. Investing in a tall lamp shade is an elegant solution for tall ceilings.

Desk lamps offer a lower profile, which can be great for reading. They’re more interactive, so they work well for sitting at your desk. Table lamps are great to use when you need to do focused work or take care of paperwork. They’re also good for literary nightstands, since they usually have a built-in light.

There are three main types of desk lamps to consider for your bedroom: adjustable, bulky, or extra-long.

  • Adjustable lamps are typically the least expensive option. They’re perfect if you only need the lamp to provide light for a specific activity, like reading or doing homework.
  • Bulky lamps are heavier and less expensive but aren’t the friendliest towards the environment. They’re typically used for reading or writing.
  • Extra-long lamps can be adjusted to provide directional light.


How To Choose The Right Lampshade

When it comes to choosing the right lampshade, there are a few things to consider.

First, the color of the lampshade will reflect the mood of the lamp. For example, a lamp with a red lamp shade will give off a warmer, sunnier vibe, while a lamp with a purple lamp shade will give off a more calming, tranquil feeling.

It’s best to pick the right size in order to get the best quality of light. For example, you can buy a lampshade in any size, but the size that suits the space the best is the one that’ll provide the best quality of light in that space. 

Make sure it suits the time of day, because you need to balance varying levels of natural light. For example, you want to opt for a lampshade that's much lighter in the evening, but darker during the day. This keeps you from adjusting your light all day long.


Choosing the right lampshade can have a huge impact on how your room looks. There are so many different types of lampshades to choose from, so you can get even more creative with your lighting. 

The right lampshade can transform a room, but it can also create the perfect ambiance for the space. So, if your lampshade needs replacing, what are the best options? The best way to choose the perfect lamp is to consider the room's design, size, light levels, and any décor. Keep in mind the width of the lamp you have or are purchasing. Larger lampshades are best for larger lamps, while smaller lampshades work well on smaller lamps.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. How tall should be besides bad lamp?

A lot of this will depend on your needs. Generally, a table lamp that is 9 inches tall would be a good size for a tabletop. However, if you prefer a wider lamp, a 12-inch-tall lamp would be a good size

  1. Do you need two bedside tables?

It depends on if your bedroom layout lends itself to both bedside tables, or whether you’re lacking space and need to give one up. If you’re lacking space, you’re better off using one as a nightstand and getting rid of the other one - it’s always better to store books and other items on the ground.

  1. How do you pick the right size lamp shade?

If you’re still struggling to pick the perfect size, our shade finder tool can help. All you need to do is put in the measurements of the room and the height of the ceiling as well as any concerns you might have about which criteria we should consider, and we'll give you a helpful cheat sheet with the right lamp size.

  1. Are LED lights good for bedrooms?

Many people are moving toward LED lights because they are more energy efficient, they can last for years, and they are generally better for the environment. But the truth is, LED lights can also disrupt sleep. Some LED lights produce a blue spectrum light-- this is the type of light that is the most disruptive to sleep, as it tricks your brain into thinking it is still daytime. This can be bad for your health because too little sleep can lead to increased stress, impaired cognitive function, and other health issues.
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