Ingenious Techniques to Incorporate Wood in Your Kitchen Design

Who said wood does not belong in the kitchen? Modern kitchen designs, however, are unique and are slowly bringing back the wood collections' glamour. When you think of the wood designs, they always bring out warmth and a sense of transcendental style.

Besides, homeowners can incorporate wood in different creative styles, such as flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and furniture.

However, considering such considerations, it is hard to determine the right wood to blend into your kitchen.

It also takes time before you finally get the perfect antidote alongside your painted units matching the color scheme.

Wood Ideas for Your Kitchen

Finding the perfect allure that matches your indoor atmosphere with wood can brighten your living spaces. You need help from seasoned interior designers with prerequisite research experience equal to those at the best college essay writing service.


wooden kitchen design

Wood floor finish brings that ambiance and timeless beauty. Apart from warmth, it provides stability, reliability, and practicality. Try a well-engineered kitchen floor with a layer of oak or walnut on the top surface stuck on multi-laminated hardwood plywood.

Adding the plywood creates strength and stability. It makes it less prone to the effects of contraction and expansion.

Many homeowners question wood due to water and stain resistance. Water spills might ruin the unfinished underside of the boards. It leaves behind a distinctive appearance and raised seams.

Not any wood will work well with your kitchen floor. Wood treatment increases water resistance, wearing out, and maintenance.


Solid wood cabinets represent a timeless kitchen staple. It presents an organic and beautiful feel, bringing luxurious and opulent kitchen to your space. Additionally, the contemporary wood cabinetry designs are flexible and very durable.

There are plenty of options, such as the specific woods that will fit your kitchen design, from rustic charm to modern.

We like pine cabinets due to their rustic aesthetics and natural appearance. It blends perfectly, especially when working with a cozy vibe. Its unique grain patterns tied with knots and smooth texture add more character to any kitchen space.

Another luxurious look for your space is oak cabinets. It is a popular choice for most homeowners due to its durability. Furthermore, it’s easily customizable to suit different stains and paints. The classic appeal it brings matches both traditional and contemporary designs.

Freestanding Furniture

wooden freestanding kitchen furniture

Assuming you have a modern house with a kitchen island and wall kitchen beads, let’s say you want to detail the space. The freestanding wood furniture is the final masterpiece; it is something that you can easily deal with and modify to meet your new dynamics.

The best thing about wood is that it can easily blend with your design space, lifestyle, and needs. Furniture takes care of fundamental aesthetics and practicality. You can also use the wood to make partitions on a country-style breakfast table so your kids can do their homework.

Adding oak stools can only enhance a nice kitchen environment and blend with other modern wooden components. It is an approved material that has been used for centuries to add an appealing and versatile touch and finish.

Butcher’s Blocks

Modern designs largely depend on stone to laminate countertop materials. Butcher blocks present the perfect blend of durability and elegance when incorporated into your kitchen.

It consists of straight pieces of wood gracefully glued together to create a sturdy surface lasting many years.

Oak butcher blocks provide a glossy, waterproof finish. Moreover, red oak butcher blocks are more durable and can withstand wear and tear in the kitchen. Also, interior design writers based on royalwriter review reveal that red oak is more sanitary for kitchen use than plastic, especially when cutting and preparing food.

Tips for a Magnificent Wood Kitchen Design

After painting various ideas to start incorporating into your design, there are some hidden secrets to know before embarking on your project, including:

Mixing Old and New

The concept of adding wood to the kitchen space should suffocate other materials. You can easily mix old and new if you work on an old kitchen remodel with beams.

Choose cabinets with straight lines that accentuate classic features in your rustic cabinetry design. Combine different materials ranging from glass, wood, or plastic. Striking balance between these materials creates the perfect ambiance and coziness.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood brings a timeless charm to any living space. It contains a unique allure that transcends time with a touch of history for your kitchen.

The rich character it brings leaves behind an undeniable charm to incorporate into your floating shelves. The earthy tones and texture bring a sense of comfort to your cabinetry. Its organic influence will add a rich touch and look to your kitchen.

Vintage Wooden Furniture

Do you want to tone down your kitchen with all the modern finishes? The answer is vintage wood furniture juxtaposing all the shiny and modern components. It offsets all the modern kitchen appliances.

The vintage elements create a sense of warmth, making your space more welcoming and accessible. Throw in a few antique pieces like a vintage chair, rug, or painting.


Adding wood to the ensemble requires creating contrast with the rest of the space. Some users prefer white uppers and dark lowers. Another design choice includes tongue-and-groove wood, which contrasts color and texture and draws eyes to the ceiling.

Another simple technique to create contrast without spending much on wood designs is lighting features. Incorporate vibrant lampshades for a subtle difference with wood and metal fixtures.

Black and White Scheme

For any room, the classic black-and-white theme remains the best. This color duo provides an overall classic, time-tested design and minimalism. Get open wood shelving, accent with gold, use high-gloss paint, and choose a versatile color scheme.

What is more, you will never be out of style with the black-and-white option. The room looks monochromatic, as there is no accent.

Final Takeaway

The magic touch of wood can transform a simple kitchen design and introduce it to the world as a luxurious retreat full of rustic charm and welcoming warmth. Forget the popular belief that wood has no place in the kitchen. With a proper wood treatment, you will get a robust and durable floor and the best of classic wood finishes. So, take a chance today and welcome it into your remodeling project.

Author - Aleksandra Djurdjevic
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