Types of Chess Boards

Different types of chess boards are available. Each type of board has advantages and disadvantages. Each type of chess board has different materials to consider when choosing a board.

Wooden Chess Boards

Traditional wooden chess boards are the oldest types of chess boards, made of a hard wood, like oak. These boards have a very distinctive appearance, and were popular in the 1800s.

Wooden chess sets are now very rare and are extremely collectible, especially unique versions like the Chinese warriors sets. Wooden chess sets are great for the player who wants a board with style and for those who want a board that will look great.

Stone Chess Sets

chess sets types

The second type of board that is more popular is the stone chess set. These are a bit more durable and have a much different look. Stone chess sets are very rare, but are very beautiful.

Stone chess sets are a great alternative to wooden chess sets. This type of chess set is made from natural stone like granite, limestone or even quarry stone. The natural stones are carved in various ways, which add to the beauty and elegance of the pieces.

Granite is a popular material used for chess sets and can add a certain elegance to the board. It is a light material, so it is a good material to use when you want a light colored chess set.

Chess Sets : Additional Info

Wooden sets are very popular and can be purchased at many local stores. If you are looking for a board that will look great and authentic, you should consider purchasing a wooden chess set. Wooden chess sets are available in many different styles and colors and can be used by people of all ages.

Wooden sets are also available online at a variety of sites. If you are looking for a wooden chess set (including folding chess boards), you should consider buying it online at a chess store.

Chess sets can be used for all types of games of chess. You can use them for children, or you can use them for adults who prefer to play with a more formal chess set. Wooden sets can even be handmade for that extra uniqueness. 

glass chess set

Chess sets can also be purchased to use for tournaments, or in tournaments. These sets can be used to play with more than one person at a time. You will be able to use a more advanced chess set that has more pieces, and many more pieces. Chess sets are very popular, and there are many stores that specialize in them. If you do not have access to a chess store, you can order a chess set from one of the many chess websites that are available online.

Chess sets can be ordered through an online chess store. These stores are very convenient. You can easily order your set, and have it shipped directly to your home, and you can have it delivered to you within a short period of time.

Board sets are not the only chess sets that are available. If you do not have a lot of money to spend on your chess set, you can buy chess pieces that you can then use on any board  while you continue to save up for that ultimate board you like - don't rush in!

A set can also be used for other games of chess. You can play with a set and then use the pieces for a variety of games. Chess pieces that are used for other games of chess are great for kids, and can add to the excitement of a game of chess.

Chess sets can also be used in tournaments and can be used by adults and children. The pieces can be used in tournaments, these are usually to a very high spec.

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