Awesome Wildlife-Theme Games for Nature Lovers

The world of casino gaming can be fun and exciting.

If you are a nature and wildlife lover, then it would surely be even more interesting if you could play games, which are nature-inspired.

There are indeed many such games where you can roll the dice, play the cards, try your luck with the slot machines, and still be close to the African plains, the soaring Himalayas, depths of the ocean, the mighty bears, glittering silver-scaled fish, great rhinos, and beautiful butterflies among others.

Sadly, not everyone can experience wildlife and the great outdoors as much as they would like. If you are an animal fan, here are a few awesome games that will surely appeal to you. You don’t even have to visit anywhere to play these games. You can play them from your home, when you are on a long bus ride, or when you are stuck in traffic.

Wildlife-Theme Slots

You will find many online casino slots that are great for those who love wildlife. For example, you can try Great Rhino Megaways, Buffalo King, Honey Rush, Stampede, Kings of Cats Megaways, Forest Fortune, Loco The Monkey, Forest Tale, Secret Garden, Amazonia, Golden Gorilla, Triple Monkey, Lion Gold, Wild Ape, Africa Goes Wild, and so many others.

slot machines

These are all exciting games based on various wildlife themes. Many of them also offer free spin bonuses and other promotion offers. You will also find games where you don’t have to make any deposits. Try them if you are new to online gaming and don’t want to lose a lot of money. They are perfect for newcomers.

Wildlife fans who like fish can take a look at Big Bass Bonanza. This slot game developed by Pragmatic Play has 10 different pay lines. Mega Moolah, developed by Microgaming, is another popular wildlife-theme game. It has a progressive jackpot, so you have a chance to win big money.

The Great Rhino Megaways slot by Pragmatic Play is a 6-reel slot game. Here, after a winning spin, the relevant symbols will vanish and new symbols will replace them. This means you have a second chance of winning. This will keep repeating as long as the winning results appear. 

Not just slots, there are plenty of casino games that are themed on wildlife and nature. This includes roulette, blackjack, table games, and even a variety of board games. You can Review Online Casinos 2024 here to get an insight into the latest and the most interesting games. It reveals places where you can get thousands of dollars in bonuses. You will also get information on the largest jackpots for 2024.


This is a great game for lepidopterists or butterfly lovers. This board game made by Elizabeth Hargrave can be played by two to five people. Its central theme is the migration story of the monarch butterfly from central Mexico to North America. So, you will love this game if you are interested in animal migrations, especially butterflies.

hand on the slot machine

The game is set over three seasons. In the first season, you are in Mexico and it is springtime. There are many flowers that can be fed to the butterflies. For each season there are different goals in the game. You aim to bring as many fourth-generation butterflies back to Mexico before the autumn season closes.


This is a zoological mystery game developed by Ruth Veevers and Hal Duncan and published by Osprey Games. The illustrations are from Kwanchai Moriya. Three to five players can play it together. You are a cryptozoologist here and your job is to find the location of the eponymous Cryptid. Each player has a bit of information about where the beast may be located. However, in the beginning, they don’t know each other’s information.

The players have to make educated guesswork together and ask questions. They have to narrow down the options of the possible locations of the quarry. The player who finds the Cryptid first is the winner.


This game is set below the water. Here, you will have to go down to an alien underwater world where there is a lot of exotic wildlife and beautiful caverns. Coral reefs and kelp forests provide a vibrant habitat for many animals. Some of them can pose a risk for the players, while others can provide help. This is a survival game with plenty of undersea wildlife and landscapes. You have to explore the area and construct your base. You have to be particularly careful in the night because of the presence of many predators who come out from their hiding places.

Salmon Run

Not just humans, even the bears love fishing. So, the salmon fish must deal with both. In this game for two to four players, the fish must race upriver and try to return to its spawning grounds, while beating the obstacles. The key is to achieve balance in movement. Players moving too fast will get fatigue cards and they will be pushed back in the line. Leaping through waterfalls and evading bears can also cause fatigue.

There is something for casino players who prefer brick-and-mortar gaming houses. They can play at many scenic locations like Las Vegas, Salzburg, Monte Carlo, Nassau in the Bahamas, Aruba, Goa, and New Zealand. Some of these places are good for wildlife enthusiasts too. For example, you can see plenty of marine species at Nassau. The Indian state of Goa has many nature parks, tiger reserves, and beautiful mountains.

Author - Fred Felton
Fred Felton          

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