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The Wood Drum Piggy Bank is a great gift for kids of all ages, making it an excellent stocking stuffer at Christmas time. The piggy bank is shaped just like a drum and features two shades of wood in thick vertical stripes. On the same note, you might also like...
$3.95 $7.95
Made by AENSOA, our Leopard Earrings make a wild and fashionable addition to your apparel. Crafted of wood and zinc alloy, the simple construction of this set doesn’t mean that the statement they make is quiet. The leopard-print design overlaying the water drop-shaped pendants symbolizes the untamed, wild side of...
$46.95 $103.95
Setup a comfortable work station anywhere with this bamboo laptop stand. Perfect for home use or even at the office, the convenient and modern foldable design lets you setup anywhere, even in the comfort of your own bedroom. Use it as a lap table for children’s homework or perhaps to...
$5.95 $10.95
Our Wood Grain Ring is made by Uzone is a wonderful choice for couples to represent their love—while looking sleek and stylish. The trendy but respectable wood-and-metal construction can be worn to a party or work, so you’ll never have to leave the token of your relationship behind for the...
$11.95 $28.95
This Wood Block Puzzle, designed for adults and children aged six and up, is a great little brainteaser to take on family holidays, or simply to while away the time on a rainy day. The puzzle consists of a series of wooden blocks and pins, which needs to be assembled...
Back Massager
Out of stock
When you’ve spent a long day at the office or perhaps participating in sports or the gym has your muscles feeling tired, this wooden massager will be the perfect remedy. The Gua Sha stick is massaging technique and tool used to relieve tension and improve circulation. Another great benefit of...
$8.95 $20.95
If you are spending long days at the office or sometimes just need a break, why not treat yourself or a friend to this massage roller. Other than its natural finish, it is not only good to relax those muscles but gives your skin the stimulation it needs for healthy...
$6.95 $16.95
With its combination of stark metal and soft red and brown wood tones, Steel Soldier’s Wood Fiber Fashion Ring is a great and trendy choice for any man. This multipurpose one can give you a subtle way to stand out from others when worn as a party accessory or daily...
Wood Mug
$25.95 $64.95
If you’re looking for one, two, or three simple mugs to hold beverages of all kinds, hot or cold, look no further. The Angelacoco Wood Mug is all of that—and more. Made only of wood, this cup possesses an elegant appearance thanks to its polished, gently rounded curves. Fill it...
Pants Hangers
Out of stock
25cm wood
23cm wood
25cm black
25cm red
30cm wood
Every wardrobe needs a set of these pants hangers. With the variety of sizes offered and the three options in colours from black, wood and red finishes, you can rest assured knowing your pants are hanging neatly, ready for that meeting. Both men and women could use these for suits,...
$90.95 $181.95
S 40x40x41cm
L 50X50X51cm
When thinking of an elegant or chic furniture piece, looking at this bamboo coffee table would make it the perfect fit for thought. With its elegant wooden and white finish, the materials alone highlight its quality. The paint is eco-friendly whilst the bamboo offers a natural and modern design. Durability...
$18.95 $45.95
Rectangular photo frames are overused and dull. Our Round Wooden Picture Frame breaks the mold and offers you a unique way to showcase the pictures and artwork you adore. Your home will look sleek and futuristic with these frames, holding your favorite snapshots, on the wall. Because pictures come in...
$20.95 $52.95
Choosing the right lighting style for your bedroom or living area is just as important as any other decorative item, which is why this Nordic wooden table lamp ticks all the boxes. A beautiful and classic design offered in a variety of styles brings an elegant and natural essence to...
$20.95 $52.95
Choosing the right lighting style for your bedroom or living area is just as important as any other decorative item, which is why this living room lamp ticks all the boxes. A beautiful and classic design offered in a variety of styles brings an elegant and natural essence to your...
Out of stock
When it comes to waking up in time to make it to your next work meeting, you can’t leave things to chance—or to batteries running out in phones. Our Luminova Simple Alarm Clock can help you sleep securely, knowing that you’ll wake when you need to. As its name implies,...
Ebony Watch
$39.95 $87.95
Behold the Ebony Watch, which boasts a long list of features including a handmade watch, Miyota quartz movement, a complete calendar (a week display and a date display), a wooden band and a stainless steel folding clasp. Have a look in the wood watches cheap for more designs and grab...
$24.95 $60.95
Nothing adds that special touch to your home than having a beautiful wooden key rack to hang up those keys. It comes in three different designs, each of them adding their own unique element to your wall space. With a solid wooden base and metal hooks, providing hanging space for...
Out of stock
Why not add a more vintage and floral look to your wardrobe with these colourful hangers. Made versatile materials, these offer quality and an efficient way to store your pants or garments without landing on the floor. Neaten up and organise your closet and enjoy easily selecting your outfit for...
Knife Stand
Out of stock
Knives are one of the most crucial utensils to be used in any kitchen. We invest money on good knives and therefore really need to consider how to take care of them, which includes factoring in the correct way to store them. Take a look at this product which  is...
$7.95 $14.95
Are you a coffee lover? Then this wooden coffee mug is perfect for you. Made by Vktech it’s the perfect cup for your breakfast coffee or if you need a mug for the office. Easy to use and functional it is ideal for when you next need to make yourself...
$9.95 $23.95
Perhaps you’ve decided to take on baking or you are a baking guru, either way, this pastry rolling pin is certainly something to add to your kitchen. Other than being the eco-friendly and a wooden product we know and love from Wooden Earth, it has also been certified with numerous...
$13.95 $32.95
Nature wood color
Our Modern Painting Frame, manufactured by Elegant Poetry, is a stunning way to showcase 2D artwork of all kinds. These frames are constructed simply, so they add to, rather than distract from, the print placed inside of them. Their no-fuss elegance also helps enhance any room with a bohemian or...
Out of stock
Did you know that the first jewelry boxes were made of wood and were traditionally in classic shapes such as square and round? The round storage box is a classic when it comes to jewelry boxes. Made of a high-quality light-colored wood it will suit any dressing table in any...
Out of stock
Eating is on of the most important things we do as humans, so when we eat, we want to do it using the best possible, highest quality eating utensils. These best chopsticks are exactly what they say they are, the absolute best! When you buy these, you get a set...

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