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Football lock
Nine-way lock
Barrel lock
Six-way lock
Square lock
Dragon wags tail
Xiao Mu knot
Ball lock
Pium blossom lock
Cage lock
Octagonal ball
Fourteen barrels
Tee lock
Keep your mind sharp with this series of 3D Wooden Puzzles For Adults, made from quality bamboo and measuring 4.5cm in length, width and height. Split them up and distribute as individual gifts, or keep the set together and enjoy hours of fun with friends and family. Get this now...
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Terracotta Warriors
Classic handmade wooden chess board set in Chinese style using the Terracotta Warriors as the pieces. An awesome set to play the game with or simply to add awesome style to your living room. Have a look at these and grab a set from here.  The Terracotta Warriors Chinese Chess Set is...
For the modern art enthusiast who can lose themselves in geometric patterns, QILMILY triangle earrings are the ideal for you. Wood carved into intersecting layers of triangles make a unique statement on these drop earrings… One that tells the viewer that its wearer is a fashionable woman with an artist’s...
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Jewellery does not always have to be made using conventional materials, such as gold and silver. Why not try something different and unique, and wear earrings made from wood! These wood leaf earrings are bound to turn heads, with their lovely leaf design, they are definitely eye-catching, while being so...
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Wood color
Retro color
Ideal for nature lovers or minimalists, the Double-Sided Frame is great for clearly showcasing your favorite picture or the pressed leaves or flowers of your favorite plant. Each rectangle frame is made to slide a double pane of glass between, letting you place your desired item to display in the...
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The KHARISMA Ornament Trendy Earrings are perfect as an addition to any outfit for the classy, fashionable modern woman looking to add an earthy vibe to their day. These earring’s abstract design brings to mind the beauty and intricacy of a flower—and the earth tones they’re available in further gives them...
This unique Sandalwood Necklace Pendant has a simple, rustic style – perfect for both men and women. The nice necklace features a twist-rope chain and a striking wooden pendant in a number of different designs (one design even features a beautiful pearl). Sandalwood Necklace with Pendant For nature lovers who...
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Guasha stick 1
Guasha stick 2
When you’ve spent a long day at the office or perhaps participating in sports or the gym has your muscles feeling tired, this wooden massager will be the perfect remedy. The Gua Sha stick is massaging technique and tool used to relieve tension and improve circulation. Another great benefit of...
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If you’re seeking a gift for a friend who loves tea and what’s natural and a bit unusual, the Aihome Wooden Coffee Cup is a great option. Made of un-tinted wood, this mug is carved into an unusual shape that brings to mind the true wildness and beauty of nature....
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If you are spending long days at the office or sometimes just need a break, why not treat yourself or a friend to this JOMMJO  massage roller. Other than its natural finish, it is not only good to relax those muscles but gives your skin the stimulation it needs for healthy circulation....
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Wood color
This Piano Music Box With Stool is hand-cranked, has a swivel function and features 18 tones. Made entirely of wood, it measures 14cm by 12cm by 9cm, while the stool measures 5cm by 3cm. See more in the section here. Mini Wooden Piano With Stool The piano is arguably one...
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This nifty Jigsaw Puzzle Ball, in light blonde wood, is two products for the price of one: a puzzle and a ball! Designed for kids (aged eight and up) and adults alike, this special one is a great addition to any toy box or games room. See more in the...
This Vintage Wood Leather Necklace consists of a thick leather chain and a round wooden pendant, measuring 6cm in length and width. The simple design means the necklace can be worn with just about anything – a T-shirt, blouse, dress...you name it. See also this great geometric pendant. More to...
brown sandal wood
red sandal wood
black sandal wood
cherry wood
brown sandal wood 1
zebra wood
purple sandal wood
cherry wood 1
mix sandal wood
red sandal wood 1
black sandal wood 1
zebra wood 1
purple sandal wood 1
mix sandal wood 1
You’re bound to fall in love with these UWOOD Luxury Wood Watches, which, in addition to being shock resistant, include an auto date feature, as well as a complete calendar. This is the perfect gift for that special man in your life – whether it’s your partner, dad, son or...
Tea Cup
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For centuries, humans have used tea to relax from the day’s worries. You can carry on this tradition with the help of the OUSSIRRO Tea Cup. Made entirely from wood, this simple and elegant mug is durable, insulating, simple to clean, and a wonderful addition to your kitchen and dining room....
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Another nature-inspired piece from WOODEN , these Tree Earrings are a fashionable choice for women looking to showcase their appreciation for nature. These drop earrings each feature a large, naturally-colored wooden pendant laser-cut with a unique tree design. From the symbolism of the beautifully-cut trees, admirers will clearly be able...