Different Ways to Make a Bead Necklace

There are different ways to make a beader's bead necklace. There are simple clasps and spring rings. You can also use non-stretch beads or crimp beads. And you can even use cowrie shells. You'll be amazed at the variety of beads available today.

Simple Clasps Vs Spring Rings

When making bead necklaces, it's important to choose the right clasp. While choosing a clasp isn't always the first step in a design, making the wrong choice can lead to a necklace that doesn't look quite right. To prevent this, you should learn about the different types of clasps and what they're best used for.

Snap clasps: Snap clasps are designed to easily open and close. They are often used on strung or bead woven pieces. They are a functional option for everyday use and are often easier to use than other clasps. They feature a small opening and close mechanism that becomes part of the piece, and are usually made of brass or steel. The base of these clasps is usually square, which makes them easier to work with.

Using Crimp Beads

If you're looking to make a bead necklace, one of the best ways is to use crimp beads. These beads, also known as crimp tubes, are available in different sizes. A good choice for a necklace is a 2mm crimp bead, but you can also use a 1mm crimp bead. Another tool you can use to make your necklace is a jump ring, which is a small round piece of wire that is used to attach a chain link or clasp. Once you have your crimp beads, you need a crimping tool, which will allow you to pinch them down to the right size.

Crimp tubes can be found in different sizes, and you should choose the ones that will best fit your design and wire thickness. If you're making a double stranded necklace, you'll want to choose a crimp bead that is wide enough to accommodate the extra beading wire that will be needed to secure it. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads offers a crimping tube chart for you to use to pick the right crimp bead for your piece.

Using Cowrie Shells

If you're a bead necklace enthusiast, you might want to use cowrie shells in your creations. These seashells are egg-shaped and can grow up to 6 inches in length. Their tops are white or light bluish-white, and their bottoms are buff or reddish-brown. They also have blackish round markings on them. Tiger cowrie shells are particularly rare and can be up to six inches long.

Cowrie shells make excellent focal points for your bead necklaces. You can string a few of them together and tie them with imitation sinew or a bow. Another option is to attach the shells to a cording.

Using a Removable Plastic Cover

Using a removable plastic cover to make your bead necklace is a simple way to add a stylish detail to your beaded necklace. This type of cover can help to hide unsightly wire ends. This type of cover is also commonly used to finish the ends of a multi-stranded necklace. Typically, these plastic covers cover knotted strand ends. You can also buy decorative bronze-finish beading cones to use in your bead necklace.

First, cut the beading thread to the desired length plus six inches. You can also use a removable plastic cover to create a collar. Once you have your beading thread cut to the desired length, you can then string the beads. Make sure that you use a big knot to keep the beads in place, as this will prevent the knot from coming out. Next, trim the excess stringing material using beading scissors.


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