Does Using a Fountain Pen Make One a Better Writer?

Despite widespread belief to the contrary, using a fountain pen may not result in better handwriting. They can even make things worse!

Supply Mechanisms for Ink

If you want to get the most out of your fountain pen, it's important to use the correct ink filling system. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type of filling method, and you should be aware of them. You risk getting ink that doesn't flow properly or that clogs your fountain pen if you don't know what you're doing.

Filling a fountain pen is a breeze with a cartridge. With a cartridge, the ink never leaves the pen, making it convenient for use and storage. These cartridges, however, can only carry a certain amount of ink before needing to be refilled. They cost more money. They're plastic, so they aren't exactly eco-friendly compared to other options.

Some pens have a barrel where ink is stored and are filled via a syringe. However, this method of refilling is not compatible with all pens. You should probably contact the maker of your pen to find out if this sort of refill is compatible with it.


You may sharpen your writing skills by experimenting with different fountain pen nibs. They may spice up your writing as well. Nibs come in a wide variety, and each one is best suited for a certain kind of paper. Here are some suggestions for picking the perfect nib for your handwriting.

Before settling on a nib, it's best to experiment with a few. You have the option of using either wet or dry ink, as well as a pen that is either little finer or somewhat larger. Alternating your writing pace is also recommended. Learning your grip and control with slower writing is beneficial.

Pens with stiff nibs are also not recommended. The resulting contours will be less refined. Furthermore, the ink will not flow freely from a nib that is too stiff. while a side effect, your pen will spin while you write.

Those who write with their left hand should use a fine nib. A medium-sized nib is another option to think about.

Plastic Handles

Fountain pens with plastic handles are a great tool for better lettering. These pens can make writing less taxing on the hands and fingers. Getting the hang of the grips, though, may take some practice.

Holding a pen between your thumb and index finger provides the most secure grip. By doing so, you may conserve energy and produce a more substantial mark on the paper.

The middle finger can also be used to hold a pen comfortably. Your finger should be planted at a little slant, but with a lighter touch than the index finger.

One way to reduce stress on the fingers is to use the arm rather than the hand to move the pen. This is crucial for those who use a heavy hand when writing. Keep your grip light on the pen and your arm motions fluid, as if you were writing a sentence.

The triangular pencil grip is another viable option. Your finger's shaft will be reinforced, giving you a firmer hold.

The greatest fountain pens don't skip or stutter while you write. This ensures a consistent ink flow from the pen's nib to the paper. The finest pens are also comfortable to hold. Feel free to write with a variety of pens before settling on a single brand.


If you want neater handwriting, invest in a fountain pen. It's a great way to release tension while having a good time. If you have a pen, you can keep writing for longer without becoming tired. It also frees you to develop your own voice in your work. The nib may be changed to suit the individual's writing preference.

It's not cheap to buy a fountain pen. The pen is more costly than average pens because of the high quality materials utilized to make it. The cost of ink has also increased. There are fountain pens that cost more than $200. Both wood and precious metals are used in their construction. They're built to last, too. They have value as collectibles and as presents.

The nibs on the most luxurious fountain pens are made of gold. Gold is resistant to rust and can have varying line widths. It rapidly returns to its normal, unmoved posture. Nibs are significant because they control the ink's distribution. With a soft nib, ink can flow freely and you may write with little pressure.


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