How Do You Make a Fountain Pen That Writes Easily?

No matter what kind of pen you use, there are steps you may do to improve the writing experience. It's possible that you'll need to switch either the pen's barrel or ink cartridge. The time spent making these adjustments will be little, but they will ensure that your pen is functioning properly.

Lamy 2000

The Lamy 2000, first introduced in 1966, is a piston-filling fountain pen. The nib is somewhat hooded. This layout avoids the ink from drying out and skipping.

The pen cap is secured with a tiny o-ring. It's brushed finish makes holding the pen less slippery.

One of the finest piston-filled fountain pens available is the Lamy 2000. The pen has a rounded body for comfort and balance in the hand. The semi-hooded nib is designed to keep your writing from drying out. Ink may be seen via a glass on the Lamy 2000. This not only displays the remaining ink but also alerts you when it is time to refill the pen.

The semi-hooded nib of the Lamy 2000 preserves ink quality. Writing with this pen is a breeze because to the platinum coating on the nib.

An M600 Pelikan

The Pelikan M600 Smooth Writing Fountain Pen, an upgraded version of the Pelikan 400 from 1950, is distinguished by its two-tone 14k gold nib and cozy gold-plated trim. This pen is perfect for those who don't write a lot. A white leather pouch with the Pelikan emblem stitched on one corner is included with the pen, and both the pen and the pouch are packaged in a big gray cardboard box.

The M600 may be purchased in a choice of black or green. The pen's piston action is slick, and it can hold a lot of ink. You may choose between a 14k or 18k nib for your pen.

The Pelikan M600's two-tone design is unique. The traditional design of the pen is complemented by the green "Stresemann" stripes. The two-tone design of the pen improves its legibility. The pen is lined with comfortable foam and features a convenient cutout.

Between the Ages

The Cross Century fountain pen is an excellent option for any professional because of its sleek design. It's one of the best-selling pens around because to its comfortable grip and permanent warranty.

The durability of Cross pens is ensured by a series of nine drop tests. The pens are produced 120 times and examined many times during each cycle. Cross pens come in a number of different designs, including ballpoint, rollerball, and a bi-directional rotating mechanism, all of which are optimized for rapid, smooth writing. You may choose from several different hues when purchasing a Cross pen.

If you're a teenager who wants to impress your friends with your penmanship or a manager who wants to make a good first impression, the Cross Century II fountain pen is for you. The pen has a comfortable grip, is leak-proof, and clips securely to your clothing. It's great for minimalists because of its distinctive micro knurl texture.

The Big 146

Whether or not you enjoy the Kingsman series, you must admit that the Montblanc Le Grand 146 is a magnificent fountain pen. The pen's Au585 14K gold nib is expertly manufactured, and it's set in a body made of black precious resin. With the aid of a less moist nib, it is intended to make writing easier and more durable.

Both a piston and a converter version of Montblanc's Le Grand 146 smooth writing fountain are on the market. The ink-filled cartridge converter is inserted into the piston. The converter uses a grey plastic ink cartridge. It includes a screw-in design with a black plastic knob for adjustment. In one full turn, the cap may be removed.


A pen that can be refilled with an eyedropper has a lot more room for ink. When switching ink colors, the pen barrel may be quickly and easily cleaned.

The Moonman M2 eyedropper pen is a best seller and can be purchased for about $20. A fine nib, clear acrylic barrel, and glass eyedropper are all included in the package. The pen is small enough to carry about in your pocket. The item is packaged with a polythene sleeve and a screw-on cap. It can also withstand water.

The Moonman M2 is similarly equipped with a big ink reservoir and works as an eye dropper pen. The 3 ml reservoir can be used to refill two or three pens. It's well-balanced and comfortable to use, and it has a fine nib.


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