Can You Recommend a Good Retractable Fountain Pen?

A retractable fountain pen may or may not be suitable, depending on your needs. It might be challenging to know what to look for in a retractable fountain pen with the wide variety available.


Platinum's Curidas is a high-quality retractable fountain pen, so take a look if you're in the market. The goal of this new pen is to unite the best features of retractable pens with the affordability of budget pens. It has a clear layout and a simple function that makes writing a breeze.

In addition to being lightweight, the pen's clip provides a window into its inner workings. Unscrewing the barrel allows access to the spring-loaded nib assembly, which must then be removed in order to get access to the clip.

The pen is on the lengthy side, and the nib is somewhat short and skinny. Although right-handed writers shouldn't have any trouble with this, left-handed users should be wary.

However, the pen can be used in some really clever ways. One such feature is a nib pocket that is surprisingly roomy and practical. To prevent the ink from drying out, use this. Most notably, the pen's nib may be retracted.

Flying the Disappearing Actor

The Pilot Vanishing Point retractable fountain pen has been around since the 1960s and shows no signs of stopping. Its clever layout is a great option for adding class to whatever paper you're working on.

The pen has an 18 karat gold nib and a pocket clip on the barrel. When not in use, you may store the nib within the pen's barrel. The pen's vast selection of nib sizes and styles makes it a good fit for any handwriting.

Opaque black, steel blue, and glossy black are just a few of the pen's color options. The Vanishing Point LS is one example of the many designs available; it has a premium knock-twist body. Many collectors seek for this particular pen.

There are a few different limited edition styles available from Pilot, and they tend to go fast. They have a specific year and a number. You can find some of these pens for less than $100.

Capless Pilot LS

Pilot Capless LS was first conceived as a "Luxury & Silence" idea, and it has now grown into a retractable fountain pen that meets both of those criteria in spades. The new and improved design has a curved ring and a more refined retracting mechanism. You may also have it with rhodium-plated accents and a glossy black lacquer finish.

With a little twist and a click, the LS may be retracted. There is hardly any noise at all. The click mechanism is red and can be spun 270 degrees both ways. The 18-karat gold nib on this pen may be ordered in fine, medium, or wide sizes.

The pen clip on the LS sits in the grip instead of on top, like in the original model. It's also little more slender. The opening for the LS nib is narrower than that of the Vanishing Point pens.

3rd Lamy Dialogue

The Lamy Dialog is a capless fountain pen that extends and retracts its nib with a simple twist of the barrel. The design is eye-catching, and the 14k gold and platinum nib adds a luxurious touch. The clip can be retracted inside the pen for storage, which is a wonderful feature.

The Lamy Dialog is the first retractable fountain pen made by the German firm, and it exemplifies the brand's commitment to both quality and practicality. It takes the minimalist design aesthetic of the past and updates it for today. It has a big, lacquered barrel and a very smooth writing nib.

Matte black, gloss white, platinum, and palladium are just some of the many Lamy Dialog finishes. Decor lines have been laser etched onto the surface, and the logo has been modernized.


Pilot Fountain One, or PF One for short, is a revolutionary new design for fountain pens. The PF One is a revolutionary pen that breaks all the rules with its triangle shape and stainless steel nib.

The PF One may be used with any ink cartridge from any country. It comes in a range of line widths, from broad to medium to extra fine. The converter is not required because the cap of the pen retracts when not in use.

The PF One has an aluminum frame and body. The anodized coating makes the pen seem modern and sophisticated. There are 12 mm on the grip. It's 32 grams in weight.

The clip is a black enamel arch clip. Two screws fasten the clip to the pen. The Pininfarina name and insignia are etched onto the clip's ends.


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