The Top Pens for University Level Exams

Whether you're in the market for a fineliner or a fountain pen, you have several good choices. There are several different types of pens that work well for PU examinations.

Stabilo Marking Pen for Tests

Whether you're a freshman in college or a seasoned executive, the ballpoint pens in Stabilo's Exam Grade line will serve you well. They offer a ton of cool extras that will keep you occupied and writing for hours. Plus, everything is priced reasonably. The range's entry-level option costs less than $5. When you consider that a high-quality ballpoint pen may easily cost over $100 nowadays, that is a deal. The firm is dedicated to supplying superior items despite the low price tag.

Exam-safe versions of the ballpoint pens have been developed. In honor of Stabilo's first decade in business, a commemorative edition has been released. The most common color of the pens is green, while black and blue are also available. They offer an unusual grip that actually works and will leave your hand feeling great for the rest of the day.

Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

The Lamy Safari is an excellent fountain pen for anybody, whether they are just learning to write or are searching for a new pen. It is fashionable, inexpensive, and simple to refill. This pen has been a staple among writing supplies for decades, and for good reason.

The black chromium-plated steel nib of the Lamy Safari fountain pen complements the pen's rainbow of color options. It's also among the best-selling entry-level writing instruments available.

The Safari fountain pen can use both cartridges and converters from bottled ink, making it a cartridge/converter pen. The cap is a sizable, broad clip that may be attached firmly to pockets or other modest items. Ink levels in the reservoir may be seen through a window.

You may also get a rollerball version of the Lamy  Safari. The rollerball employs a quick-drying, silky gel ink. The new Lamy Safari is otherwise identical to the classic, but for the removal of the cross from the cap. The piston converter used in the Lamy Safari also facilitates filling.

Pigment Marker by Staedtler

The exam preparation procedure is not complete without the proper pen. Selecting a high-quality, user-friendly pen is essential. The Pilot Rexgrip is the best retractable ballpoint pen on the market today. The grip is built into the design of the retractable barrel, which is manufactured from 77% recyclable materials. You won't have to worry about getting ink on your hands as much. Because it can be refilled, you can keep it in your purse permanently.

Why not look into a pen that can write, draw, and erase at the same time? The Super Grip G's rubberized grip and retractable barrel work together to provide a clean, precise stroke. In addition, the Super Grip may be refilled. The remaining number of pages may be easily seen on the pen's side.

Pigma Micron and Uni-Pin Fineliners

Whether you're a professional artist, a student, or just someone who likes to draw for fun, a fine-liner pen is a need. The pens are comfortable in the hand, lightweight, and produce beautiful lines on smooth paper. They're cheap enough that students and artists can easily afford them.

The sizes and hues of fine-liners are practically infinite. Pigma Micron disposable pens, available in 14 colors and with a 0.45 mm nib, are a staple of the illustration industry. Sakura makes the Micron, and its ink is designed to last. You may use it for comics or sketches. It comes in a refill, making it an easy pick for bullet journals and everyday sketching.

The 0.4 mm writer of the Stabilo test Grade Ballpoint Pen is just what you need for those long hours spent at the test table. The remaining ink may be monitored through a gauge on the pen's side barrel. The pen fits well in the hand, and the ink is both silky and quick-drying.

V5 Pilot

It's crucial that you use the best pen possible for your exam. Selecting a high-quality merchandise is essential if you want to increase your self-assurance and have an easy time putting your thoughts on paper. There is a great variety of pens on the market from which to pick.

The Pilot V5 is a good option because of its speed and accuracy. The 0.5mm tip is a good size for detailed writing. The cap keeps the nib from drying out and the see-through glass lets you monitor the ink supply.

The V5's three-pronged rollerball support mechanism reduces the likelihood of failure. In addition, the ink flows smoothly, making for a pleasant, trouble-free time spent writing.

The P-700 is the V5's distant relative. The P-700 is similar to the V5 in that it utilizes water-based ink, has a retractable rexgrip, and can use the same refill for up to 2000 pages. The barrel of this retractable pen is constructed from 77% recycled material and may be used again and again.


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