How High Must a Nightstand Lamp Be?

It's not always clear-cut how high to set a bedroom lamp. Choosing a lamp is not as simple as picking one out of a catalog. Some of them are listed below.

Floor Lamp

There are certain factors to think about while selecting a table lamp. All of its dimensions and functions are taken into account. The appropriate light may improve the aesthetics and practicality of your house. You should also make sure it fits in the intended space.

A conventional table lamp, as seen by its weighty base and well paired lamp shade. The creative flare of a stained glass table light is another option. Both are reasonably priced additions to your home's design.

Look for a table lamp that complements the room's design while shopping for one. While strong colors may not be appropriate for a contemporary home, they can be a terrific choice for a modern one.

You should measure the length and width of your table to get the ideal light height. Make sure the light you choose is at least half as wide as the table to keep everything looking balanced.

Consider the lamp's fabric before making a purchase of a table lamp. The texture and color of the fabric should complement the rest of your furnishings.

People frequently make the mistake of purchasing a lampshade that is either too large or too little. If you plan on sitting on a lamp, the shade has to extend far enough to cover the light source.

Sidelight Lamp

Each person has their own preferred light height when it comes to using bedside lamps. A tall, imposing lamp may not be everyone's cup of tea, so it's fine if you'd rather have something more compact and understated. But you need to think about the dimensions of the room as well.

Pick a bulb that gives off enough light to read by without directly illuminating your face. Your bedside lamp should be around a third of the whole height of your nightstand. A bigger lamp is needed for a higher nightstand.

Your nightstand lamp's height should also be proportional to that of your mattress. Nightstands should be at least 25 inches shorter than the height of your mattress, for instance. Similarly, a nightstand should be at least 26 inches tall if your mattress is 24 inches high.

The appropriate light height will also depend on the breadth of your mattress and the size of your bedside table. A wide mattress calls for an equally spacious nightstand.

Another guideline is to choose a lamp with a shade that is at least twice as wide as the light itself. This diffuses the light and allows it to spread out evenly.


Some nightstands may be taller than the standard 24–28 inches in height. Bedside cabinets and tables should be raised an extra inch or two to make room for a reading lamp, glasses, and other necessities.

It's also important to have spacious nightstands. Get a chest or a cabinet to put by your bed if you need more space.

The size of the light is also an important consideration. One typical error in interior design is selecting an inadequately sized light. To prevent this from happening, you should measure your table using a scale.

Finding the right balance while shopping for a table lamp may be challenging. Think about how much space you have on your nightstand, how wide the lamp is, and how tall the lamp's shade is.

The improper width is a common oversight when shopping for a nightstand. The nightstand's breadth must be at least a third of its whole height. When seated on the bed, the shade will reach about to the chin at this height.

Choosing a light that is too tall for the table is another common error. If your table lamp is too high, the light will not reach all the way to the foot of the bed.


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