Where Can I Find High-Quality Wooden Toys for My Toddler?

There are a wide variety of brands available, whether you're looking for toys for toddlers or toys made of wood. Whenever possible, shop from a respected business. If you don't, your kid could play with a fragile toy.

Tomy Company

Tomy International, which was established in 1924, is a pioneer in the worldwide toy industry. Its goods have earned a reputation for excellence and innovation. Its wares are intended to foster children's intellectual growth and foster parent-child bonding.

Its wares are well-liked by people of all ages. You may get anything from automobiles to arts and crafts supplies to action figures to soft toys to electronic games to stuff for babies and nurseries among its many offerings.

Tomy's goal is to spread joy to the world. To achieve this goal, the business has developed a collection of Japanese-inspired toys for children of various ages. It uses premium components in all of its wares. Wooden toys, in contrast to their plastic and molded counterparts, are both safe and long-lasting. These may be passed down from generation to generation, providing a youngster with the comfort of nature.


Areaware is a Brooklyn, New York–based design studio that creates innovative, entertaining wooden toys. The company collaborates with artists and designers all around the world to deliver offbeat products to consumers.

Their balancing wooden toy blocks, for instance, are perfect for encouraging creative play in kids. They are available in white or a rainbow of colors, and are crafted from New Zealand pine wood. A storage bag made of fabric is included.

The Cubebot, a robot toy made of wood that collapses into a perfect cube, is another intriguing creation. Both kids and adults will love this product since it is safe for them to use and it doesn't harm the environment.


Bannortoys is a contemporary wooden toy manufacturer headquartered in the United States, founded in 2011 by the Bannor family in Madrid, Iowa. Bannortoys cares about your child's health and the environment, hence they only sell non-toxic, recyclable toys.

Bannortoys is a leading brand in the toy business. The letter block is handcrafted and incorporates motifs that inspire kids' creativity and intuition.

They also make contemporary wood toys of heirloom quality. They make them by hand at their Iowan house. The toys have a coating of organic beeswax and flaxseed oil for a finish. Because they're crafted from raw, untreated wood, they're also eco-friendly.

The hardwood frame and all-natural beeswax sealing of their Little Miss Workbench Say Cheese Camera make it a unique and high-quality toy. It's intended for kids above the age of three and promotes deep thought while they play.

The Building Blocks from Lovevery

Lovevery's Block Set is a lot more than your standard set of wooden building blocks; it's designed to encourage creativity, inspiration, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. The FSC-certified wood used in all 70 of the pieces comes from well-managed forests.

The slope on the lower level of the wooden box makes it convenient to stack the blocks when not in use. The lid is made of wood and features five separate holes for different geometric figures.

The elements of this wooden set are highlighted in an accompanying activity manual. Verify if the set's components are sufficiently sizable for the task at hand.

Blocks of Magnetized Tegu

Tegu Magnetic Bricks are fantastic options for both children's play and as presents for friends and family. They're harmless, won't harm a child, and may be used in an infinite variety of ways for free-form play and construction.

Tegu magnetic blocks, on the other hand, are constructed from long-lasting Eco-friendly FSC hardwoods rather than plastic construction tiles. The magnets are concealed behind the sleek timber surface, and they are coated with non-toxic water-based lacquers.

Among the numerous available options is the timeless classic Tegu block set. These 42 pieces come in 9 different designs. Columns, wooden boards of varying lengths, and magnetic wheels are also part of it.

These kits are perfect for teaching young children about numbers and colors. They're also great for tweens and teens who wish to hone their imaginative chops.


Grimms is a well-established name among the various manufacturers of wooden toys on the market. The Waldorf and Montessori philosophies inform their play range. Products are made using sustainable forestry practices.

Grimms created the original rainbow stacking toy made of wood. The rainbow's straightforward shape allows for limitless interpretation. The wood's inherent grain is highlighted by the finish's untreated state.

The wood is strong and will not crack under normal use. The blocks are produced using non-toxic natural oils and colours. The European EN 71 safety standard was used to verify the quality and reliability of these goods.


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