Tips for Buying Quality Wood Wax Toys

Toys may be polished or protected by applying a layer of wax, but before you go out and get the supplies, there are a few things to bear in mind. Beeswax, Carnauba wax, and Shellac are just some of the possibilities you may want to explore depending on the sort of wood you're working with.

Beeswax Polish for Wood Furniture

Beeswax furniture polish is an easy solution to prevent wood toys from drying out, cracking, and peeling. The wood is protected from drying out as a bonus. Beeswax also helps prevent scratches by giving the wood a gentle, protective shine.

Beeswax and a few drops of essential oil may give your toys a professional sheen. Beeswax and oil can be mixed in a wide-mouthed, shallow mason jar and allowed to cool. This will provide a mirror-like sheen on your playthings. After that, polish it with a fresh towel.

Beeswax and mineral oil are the main ingredients in furniture polish. Most surfaces won't be damaged by its use. Toys, wooden furniture, and even chopping boards may all benefit from this treatment.


Knowing the characteristics that set shellac apart from other finishes is helpful whether you're in the market for a natural finish for your furniture or attempting to choose a wood wax product for toys. Each have distinct features, yet both are developed from female lac insect.

Shellac is a resin that, when applied as a finishing coat, dries fast and leaves a glossy appearance. This material is highly recommended for heavy-use furniture. Water and other home cleansers can damage it, so it's not a suitable option for table tops.

Both liquid shellac in cans and dried flakes are available for purchase. You may use a brush to apply it any way, however some brands suggest using a natural bristle brush for best results. Polymerized linseed oil is another option for a more organic sheen if that's what you're going for. This is an organic, non-toxic replacement for conventional varnishes.

Small-Crystal Wax Crystals

Microcrystalline wax, or MCwax as it's more often known, is a high-quality synthetic wax. The crystal is amorphous and white in color. It's commonly used to put the finishing touches on turned wooden objects. Sanding sealer, lacquer, or varnish must be removed before applying this.

It is a long-lasting wax that has neither acidity or alkalinity. The material's high melting point makes it suitable for frequent manipulation.

Microcrystalline wax also has a lower fracture toughness than paraffin. It is a common addition to the production of rubber and tires. It's also used as a primary component in making petrolatum.

It may be put over a completed surface and has a greater melting point than paraffin. It's perfect for finishing high-quality furniture thanks to its high sheen, silky texture, and long lifespan. It may be used in a variety of industries, from the culinary to the cosmetic to the candlemaking to the laminating of documents to the coating of fruit.

Canarium Wax

Protecting wooden toys with carnauba wax is a safe, non-toxic, and long-lasting practice. The wax creates a lovely sheen that is impervious to dampness and the degradation that moisture causes. It also increases the luster of any wood finish.

Carnauba wax comes in a variety of forms. Some are made especially for varnishing wooden playthings. Some are used to increase the gloss of floors, countertops, and other surfaces. These work wonderfully as a clear coat for automobiles.

Natural waxes provide the cleanest carnauba wax. It is a high-gloss coating that is both non-toxic and durable. There are no abrasive or plastic resin-type ingredients in it, either.

To bring back the natural glow and color of wood, Good Ol' Brown Wax has been developed as a light brown wax. It may be hand-buffed or machine-buffed.

Oil of Hard Wax

Selecting high-quality wood wax materials is essential when making toys. These things may be used to seal wooden toys against water and spills and to improve their aesthetics. They don't require frequent refinishing and are simple to apply. So how can you choose which items are most suited to your work?

Think about the wood's purpose, how it will be used, and who will be responsible for maintaining the finish before making your decision. Furthermore, a wide selection of finishes is at your disposal to ensure that your final product looks its absolute best.

Wood finishes may be divided into two categories: those that use hardwax oil and those that use natural waxes. The former is a harder, longer-lasting protective covering while the latter has a more natural look and doesn't cover up the wood's grain.


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