How Big Should Garbage Cans Ideally Be?

Whether you're a homeowner or a company owner, it's crucial to evaluate the capacity of the effective thrash cans in your home. The optimal size depends on how many people reside in your house, the quantity of garbage you toss out, and your own personal choice. You could, for instance, desire a more compact can so that it fits more easily on your kitchen counter, beneath your sink, or in your storage closet.

Metallic Alloy of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a great material for a garbage can since it is long-lasting and attractive. Its sturdy material offers a lot of benefits, including strong resistance to rust, dirt, and smells. It's also simple to keep in good condition.

When the garbage can is full, the lid won't close because of the trash can's proprietary soft-closing mechanism. A common feature of stainless steel garbage cans is a filter designed to absorb and neutralize smells.

Some waste receptacles have a foot pedal that may be activated with a simple step. These foot pedals are designed to open and seal the lid with ease. Unfortunately, they may get unclean and shut at inconvenient times. In addition, there are garbage cans available for purchase that have a motion detector built into the lid.

Stainless steel also has the added benefit of not showing fingerprints or other fingerprint-like marks. Coatings can be applied on them to eliminate fingerprints.


Trash cans made of plastic are commonly used because they are inexpensive, durable, and simple to maintain. The lids are gentle closing and there is a wide variety of sizes to choose from. But, it's possible that the cans aren't particularly sturdy.

A stainless steel trash can is your best choice if you need a large garbage can. A motion sensor is another option for these cans. A replacement carbon filter is included in some versions to assist get rid of unpleasant odors.

The cost of stainless steel is higher than that of plastic. It's not as delicate as the other option, though. Trash cans are available with a stainless steel finish that doesn't show fingerprints. It also has a reduced tendency to smear.

A few plastic garbage cans are quite comparable to stainless steel models. They lack a certain chicness. A Brightroom garbage can serves as an illustration. You may get this can in either black or silver.

If you need a garbage can that can squeeze into a small place, a Simplehuman model is another wonderful option to consider. You may put in garbage can up to 10 gallons of garbage in this garbage can. It's similar to the Brightroom in that it includes two storage areas and a sliding lock. See when you should take out the trash.


Garbage cans are available in a broad range of designs and options. Some are accessible without opening any cabinets, while others are integrated in. Thinking about your needs before making a purchase will help you choose the best product.

A dual trash can serving as both a regular trash can and a recycling bin is one option. These containers are not only practical, but also simple to maintain. Check out Van Dyke's Restorers' wide selection of cans and other cabinet storage solutions if you're still unsure about what you need.

Knape & Vogt also makes a similar product, the USC 15-2-35PT. Because of its ground-breaking design, waste cannot slide through the bottom of this under-counter trash can. In addition, the can may be easily grabbed and removed thanks to its big steel handle.

One other option for a compact under-counter trash can is the Simplehuman In-Cabinet Can. There's a five-year guarantee on this garbage can's construction and performance. It's smaller than a pull-out trash can, but it's perfect for apartments and studios since it can accommodate standard plastic shopping bags.


The capacity of a garbage can should be your first priority when shopping for a new one for your home. You'll need to know how many gallons it can contain. Something about 13 gallons would be ideal if you want it to be sturdy enough to store takeaway meals and recycling. Of course, if you're serious about composting, you'll want a bin with a few additional bells and whistles. Apart from that, the can's capacity is determined by its total dimensions and the volume it can contain in liters.

Choose a garbage can with plastic or stainless steel coating when replacing an old one. There won't be any rust on these, and they'll be simple to clean. Think about how many bins you'll need to separate your garbage from your recyclables. A smudge-proof coating is available on some models for even less fingerprint dust on your can between uses.


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