Can I Put Anything in the Garbage Can?

You may be wondering if you may throw away food waste in your household garbage bin. We're talking about everything from garbage to toxic waste here. Nonetheless, you need to maintain your most effective garbage can clean and odor-free at all times. This article will provide you with some useful advice.

Get Rid of Yard Debris

There are a few things to remember while throwing away yard debris. Above anything else, never throw away grass cuttings with the rest of your trash. Leaves should be bagged in the same way, and all yard garbage should be cleaned with care.

Having a lovely backyard doesn't have to come at the cost of the environment if you employ an efficient method of yard trash management. Green waste has several uses, such as mulch and compost. In addition to reducing your water bill, this practice keeps soil wet and keeps trash from blowing around.

If you need assistance disposing of yard garbage, you may need to get in touch with the municipal refuse and recycling agency in your area. Often, communities have a system in place for collecting yard debris throughout the year. Weekly collection schedules are available in some cities.

Using a compost bin is a simple method for getting rid of yard debris. You can get one of these for about $10. You should use a labeled, reusable container and take out any plastic or metal before placing it in the trash can.

Put Dangerous Objects in the Trash

Keeping your eyes and hands safe is essential while getting rid of potentially dangerous waste. Do what it says on the label, too.

Pesticides, cleansers, paints, batteries, and cleaning supplies are just a few examples of potentially dangerous items found around the home. Environmental contamination of land, water, and wildlife is another another consequence of their use.

Call your local solid waste management firm or landfill if you have any questions about how to properly dispose of your hazardous garbage. In certain jurisdictions, HHW is collected on designated days of the year.

How to dispose of HHW may also be found at your neighborhood recycle center. Recycling is an option for many potentially dangerous wastes. If you aren't sure what kinds of recycling programs are available in your area, though, it's best to ask about.

There should be a Household Hazardous Waste collection location near you if you have a lot of HHW. Drop-offs can be made at these locations every 15 minutes.

Placing your hazardous garbage in a certified container is the safest method to get rid of it. Packaging options might include a plastic bag or a cardboard box.

Don't let the Raccoons Go Through Your Rubbish

There are a few things to remember while dealing with raccoons. Besides from being a nuisance, they also pose a health risk to your pets if they bring any of the diseases they're carrying into the home. Raccoons are not only a nuisance, but they may seriously damage your home's framework.

To keep raccoons from creating trouble and damage, it is important to remove rubbish from the premises before the animals can get it. Raccoons may be kept away from your trash by using one of several different styles and sizes of trash cans that can be locked or otherwise secured.

You can also make sure the raccoons around your garbage cans don't miss them by decorating the area where they are kept with bright string lights. As an additional measure, a motion-activated garden sprinkler set up close to the garbage can can be used to keep raccoons away.

Placing something heavy on top of the garbage can lid is another good strategy to keep raccoons away. A hefty item on top of the lid, such as a rock, bottle, or water bottle, is one of the most effective raccoon deterrents.

Eliminate the Source of Offensive Scents

While utilizing a big garbage can, it's necessary to take a few easy precautions to keep unpleasant smells at bay. Odorous substances produced by garbage can bacteria might be harmful to your health. Nasty scents may be produced as a result.

You can keep the garbage can smelling fresh by washing it out with soap every few days. It will eliminate the smells and keep them from returning. Don't forget to empty the garbage bin on a regular basis.

Sometimes adding a little bit of citrus juice does the trick, too. To avoid any spoilage, wipe out the can well before adding the fresh fruit. The fruit can spoil if left in the can for too long.

Trash can scents may be mitigated using baking soda as well. Distribute it to the can's base. Use a sturdy bag if you can. The Good Kitchen ForceFlexPlus with Clorox(tm) Bags are one brand that offers this type of bag.

Dryer sheets are another alternative and may be placed inside the trash container. You may use these sheets to trap odors. On the other hand, they need to be swapped out every week.


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