How to Make a Wooden Ring Last

If you want your wooden ring to last, you'll need to take special care of it. Unlike glass and tungsten carbide rings, wooden rings are made from solid wood and therefore will require a bit of extra maintenance. However, with some care and attention, like taking off wood ring before showering, a wooden ring can be quite durable.

Durability of Wooden Rings

Wooden rings are far more durable than people might think. Several factors affect their lifespan, including their construction type, the finish, and how they are handled. Wood rings can be made stronger and more durable with the right techniques and materials. First of all, it is important to select a process that controls the inherent weaknesses of wood. For example, a bent wood process or a lamination process can improve the strength of wooden rings.

Another factor to consider is water resistance. While wood is durable, prolonged contact with water can damage it. You should therefore take care to avoid exposure to water. For example, you should not wear wooden rings in the shower or while bathing. However, if you do get into contact with water on a regular basis, you should remove your ring before performing activities like working with hard materials.


When caring for wooden rings, you have many options when it comes to finishes. There are different types of wood finish, and you should use one that works for your particular piece. One of the simplest ways to apply a finish is to use olive oil or beeswax. These are both natural oils that can penetrate the wood and leave it looking beautiful. The problem with olive oil and beeswax is that they don't protect against scratches or abrasions as well as some other types of finishes. Still, if you want to give your wooden rings a more natural feel, you can apply olive oil or beeswax to them. These are natural oils that can be applied to any surface of the wooden ring and allowed to dry. While they don't protect as well as other finishes, they bring out the beauty of the wood.

Sanding is another option to apply a finish to wooden rings. This process will remove some of the wood on the ring, but will be slower. Sandpaper is typically available in different grits, and a lower grit number means more wood removed. When sanding, you should focus on removing only the wood-rich areas of the ring, while also ensuring that the ring's thickness is uniform. Before cutting off the corners, make sure to mark the ring's thickness with a felt-tip pen or pencil.

Quality of Craftsmanship

Wooden rings can be made with a variety of methods. For instance, some rings are carved using a lathe, while others are shaped by hand. The final step is to coat the finished ring with a protective finish. This step is the most time-consuming.

The process begins with a square block of wood, or "blank." This block will be shaped into a finished ring. Some people use a handsaw to cut the wood, but it requires more time and labor. You'll then need to mark a finger hole using a pencil or felt-tipped marker. Then, use a drill bit to place the hole in the center of the wooden square.

The type of wood used for wooden rings can vary a great deal in color and grain pattern. Some woods are more durable than others, and if properly cared for, they can last for a lifetime. Moreover, some woods can be combined with metal to create a more durable ring.

Water Damage

If your wooden ring has been exposed to water, you may want to take some steps to repair the damage. While you may not be able to completely remove water stains, you can make the spots less noticeable by applying a commercial stain remover. Another option is to refinish the ring, if possible.

A good way to prevent water damage is to keep your ring dry by using coasters. Additionally, you can apply hard-wearing sealers, such as polyurethane, to wooden rings to protect them from moisture. You don't need to apply more than two standard coats, but more won't hurt the finish or add more protection from water.

Putting a polyurethane finish on your wooden ring can help protect it from water, but the material isn't 100% waterproof. Polyurethane finishes typically last for more than 10 years without touch-ups. However, they are prone to water damage from rings. This is due to the extra layers of polyurethane that make it more difficult for water to seep through.

Etiquette of Wearing a Wooden Ring

Wearing a ring symbolizes commitment to someone. This custom has been practiced throughout history. In fact, it dates back to the Neanderthals, who woven small wreaths of grass and twigs. Every civilization has since adapted the tradition. Some Asian cultures even used wood rings, which would fall apart if removed.

Wearing a wooden ring is surprisingly acceptable, as it is more versatile than many other types of rings. Unlike their metal counterparts, wooden rings look great with almost any outfit. Furthermore, wood rings are both sturdy and neutral, making them easy to wear every day.

Wooden rings are also a great choice because they tell a story. Wooden rings are often recycled or reclaimed from various objects, such as whiskey barrels, rifle stocks, and barn wood. This is a great conversation starter.


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