Can You Shower With a Wood Ring?

There are some precautions you should take if you're planning to use a wood ring in your shower, it can have impact on how long it would last. First, choose one with a water-resistant finish. Another important precaution is to remove your ring before showering. And finally, be sure to keep it away from harsh chemicals.

Choosing a Wooden Koa Ring

When choosing a wooden koa ring, you must first consider the care it will need. While it will not be as susceptible to scratches and dents as metals, it will need some maintenance. If you want to keep the ring shining, you should polish it on a regular basis.

Wooden koa rings may have a protective coating or wax to prevent soaking up water. However, they are not fully waterproof and should not be immersed in water for long periods of time. If you want to maintain its natural beauty, you should also keep it away from harsh chemicals, such as hand lotions.

While metal jewelry is more durable, wood jewelry should be treated with utmost care. You should always remove the ring before going under the water. However, wooden rings should not be subjected to water too frequently.

Choosing a Wood Ring With a Water Resistant Finish

When choosing a strong wood ring for showering, you should ensure that it is water-resistant. It should be protected from water and abrasive materials like hand lotion. This is especially important for bent wood rings, which require special cleaning and care.

Wooden rings are water-resistant if they are finished with two-part epoxy or CA glue. However, if the ring is worn during prolonged contact with water, it may be damaged. If it is exposed to water for a long period of time, the ring should be removed. Alternatively, it should not be immersed in water for long periods, as this could cause splinters and cracks.

Wood rings can be finished with beeswax or olive oil. These are not as glossy as other finishes, but they will leave a natural feel to the wood. Moreover, olive oil does not fill the pores of wood, unlike beeswax. However, you should consider the effect you are trying to achieve before making a final choice.

Taking off Your Ring Before Showering

Before you can shower with your wood ring, it's important to take it off first. The reason is that soap can dull or damage your ring and you don't want to risk slipping it off while you're lathering up. Plus, wood absorbs water and expands, making it susceptible to breakage. Here's how to make your wooden ring lasts.

While wood rings are usually waterproof, it is still important to remove them before taking a shower or bath. This is to protect them from the water's harsh chemicals. You should also take them off before doing any kind of rough activity. This includes scrubbing, exercising, or doing dishes.

You should also take off any metal jewelry before getting into the shower. While some metals may withstand the water, others may not. Shower water contains chemicals that may damage the metal and cause oxidation. This can weaken the gemstones and cause them to lose their luster. You can also try storing your jewelry in a container to protect it from the harsh elements.

Keeping Your Ring Away From Harsh Chemicals

To maintain the finish on your wood ring, make sure to keep it away from harsh chemicals, especially when showering. Some household cleaners, hand lotions, and even nail polish remover can all damage your ring's finish. Always remove your ring before working with abrasives or doing heavy lifting. And, if you must wear your wood ring while taking a shower, make sure to dry it off afterward using a soft cloth.

When you're not wearing your wood ring while taking a shower or taking a bath, remember to remove it before soaking in the water. This will avoid any surface scratches and permanent discoloration. You should also remove your ring before taking a shower or going swimming. You can also store it in a jewelry box to protect it from sunlight.


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