I Made Several Coasters, but I don't Know How to Seal Them

You'll want to know how to seal your homemade coasters to safeguard them, whether you're making them for yourself or as a present. Coasters can be preserved using any one of many sealants, like as varnish, tung oil, or EnviroTex.


If you want to keep your hardwood furniture and decor in pristine condition, a good method to do it is to varnish handcrafted coasters. It's simple to use and will shield you from the sun's rays. Varnish comes in a variety of sheens; pick the one that best suits your needs.

Spar varnish is the ideal finishing touch for wooden coasters. Spar varnish protects wood from moisture and enhances its natural beauty. The rapid drying and watertight properties of this finish are its greatest assets.

If you want professional results, use a brush made of natural bristles while applying varnish. Coats should be applied in uniform layers, with drying time in between. Applying additional coats will improve the finish's appearance and extend its lifespan.

Wood burning coasters can also benefit from varnishing. If you need a finish that can withstand both heat and moisture, an oil-based polyurethane might be the way to go. This treatment is also effective in emphasizing the wood's inherent hue.

Sealant Made from Tung Oil

Tung oil may be used to coat and preserve the wood in your DIY coasters. Tung oil's many benefits include its absence of toxicity and its suitability for use in cooking. As a bonus, it may help keep the wood from drying out and splitting.

For finishing walnut wood, tung oil is the way to go. Walnut is highly absorbent of tung oil thanks to its open-grain structure. Walnut wood is protected from the elements by a thin layer of tung oil that is added after the wood is finished. This layer of protection stops moisture from getting within the wood, which is what causes it to deteriorate.

Walnut wood receives five or six applications of tung oil. To ensure the tung oil dries thoroughly between layers, plan on waiting at least 24 hours.

Tung oil should be washed off after application. The second coat must then be applied. In order to apply the second layer, you can use either a foam roller or a brush.


If you're constructing your own coasters or simply want a glossy finish, Envirotex is the way to go for sealing them. A glass-like, waterproof finish is produced by this method. Moreover, it may be used to create a clear coat finish if many applications are applied.

A high-gloss finish may be achieved with minimal effort using Envirotex. It's a polymer compound that may be used to seal a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and glass, and it's transparent and reactive. Also, it is utilized to cover bar tops in drinking establishments. It's not just for roller coasters; it works well to stop water from draining away.

Learn the right techniques for using Envirotex. To begin, make sure to read and adhere to the bottle's instructions. In order for the resin to do its job, it has to be properly blended.

It's crucial to protect your work surface with newspaper and cardboard once you've mixed the epoxy. Once the 30 minutes are up, you should wipe it down again. A paint scraper may be used to get rid of any adhesive residue. If you don't have a metal spatula handy, a plastic one will do just fine for spreading the resin.

Produce a Set of Picture Coasters

It is essential to seal your completed product whether you are using a photo that you purchased or one that you took yourself when producing DIY photo coasters. Applying a layer of clear acrylic gloss spray is the best approach to make the coaster watertight. The coaster's durability will be ensured in this way.

Mod Podge will be used several times during the course of the project. The back of the picture has to be coated with Mod Podge first. Please wait at least 15 minutes for this to dry. The next step is to add two more coats of Mod Podge.

It's recommended to use a clear acrylic gloss spray once the second coat of Mod Podge has dried. If you do this, your photo coaster will be safe from spills. You can get this acrylic sealer in hobby shops, and it is water-based.

After you're done, wrap the coaster in twine or a less conventional gift wrap for a more unique presentation.


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