Preserving Coasters Made from Wood Slices

There are a wide variety of sealants available to preserve your wood slices for coasters. Polyurethane, Danish oil, and spar varnish are just a few examples. Here are some pointers on using each type of varnish on your wooden coasters.


If you want your wood slice coasters to look as wonderful as the day you bought them, sealing them with polyurethane is a smart option. Because of its organic nature, wood easily deteriorates when exposed to the elements. Putting a polyurethane coating on your hardwood coasters will help them endure much longer.

Polyurethane comes in both oil-based and water-based varieties. When compared to water-based polyurethane, oil-based polyurethane is more sturdy and long-lasting. Less powerful and drying down faster, water based polyurethane has its drawbacks. The water-based version is also safer to use around fire. Refinishing furniture or flooring inside with oil-based polyurethane is recommended. If you won't be using your wood slice coasters outside, polyurethane is the finest sealant for them.

Polyurethane's most glaring benefit is that it can be applied on walls. Also, it is less of a pain to clean up than its oil-based alternative.

Crude Oil from Denmark

Danish oil applied on wood slice coasters is a simple technique to prevent water damage to your home's furnishings. It delivers a lovely, glossy sheen to wood without making it greasy or slippery. Danish oil works equally well on both soft and hard woods.

It may be used for a number of purposes, including as fixing scratches and water damage, preserving wood, and completing projects. Use it on freshly cut or coloured wood; it's safe for use on any food-contact wood.

Make sure you apply the Danish oil evenly. The use of a brush, rag, or lint-free fabric is acceptable. When applying the next layer, remove any lingering oil by wiping it away. Removing surplus Danish oil will keep your surface from becoming sticky.

Armor-Plate Varnish

Spar varnish works well whether you're trying to seal your wood slice coasters or make them water resistant. Protective and milky in appearance, it acts as a barrier. It is suitable for use on wooden floors and decks.

A long wooden pole used to support a sail or other item. Booms and rigging have similar meanings. They require a durable coating because of their propensity to bend and flex.

Use a Spar varnish on wood in extreme environments like a yacht. It's also suitable for use on ornamental woodwork in moist environments, such as baths.

There are a wide variety of Spar varnishes available. Home improvement stores and online retailers like Amazon will carry it. Make sure the can has all the necessary components by checking the label.


Whether you're looking to wow guests, make a homemade present, or spruce up your own space, coasters made from wood slices are a great option. If you want them to be waterproof, you may seal them as well. The wood won't dry out and break if you do this. The aesthetic value of the ultimate result depends on the design you go for.

At the outset, you'll need to prepare the base of your coasters by cutting out a circle from felt. A few stones or bricks might work, too. They will protect your furniture from coasters' scratches.

Once you have the shapes cut out, you may choose a sealant to put them in. You may use any number of different sealants to protect your wood slice coasters. They are widely available at home improvement stores and on the web.

Producers of Works in Resin

It's important to carefully seal the wood slice whether you're making a complex coaster or a simple one from a fallen tree branch. A wood slice coaster can serve as a functional accessory or be given as a thoughtful present.

For starters, get your hands on a silicone mold that will work for sealing the wood slice. On the inside, some molds are glossy while others are matte. Minwax may be applied to the wood slice to provide a shiny inner surface for your mold.

An application of resin to the wood slice is next. Make sure the ratio of resin to hardener is roughly 50/50. This will guarantee the resin's efficacy. As a bonus, it will keep air from becoming trapped within.


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