Most Expensive Pens

Getting a new pen is a fun way to put your own stamp on your writing. Whether you like a fountain pen or a ballpoint, you may find a wide variety of writing instruments to suit your needs. You have the option of purchasing one of the most pricy pens available or going with a more wallet-friendly one.

Diamond-Encrusted Caran d'Ache Model 1010

Whether you're a wordsmith, a timepiece enthusiast, or just a pen snob, you've probably heard about the Caran d'Ache 1010 Diamond Edition. The caps of these pens are set with exceptionally rare diamonds, and they are fashioned in Switzerland out of solid white 18-karat gold.

The intricate gears of timepieces served as inspiration for the exquisite design of the Caran d'Ache 1010 Limited Edition fountain pen. The pen's top features an artistically sculpted Caran d'Ache monogram and a ruby-set clip, while the body is covered with more than 850 diamonds. The unique pen comes in either gold or silver. The projected retail price of the fountain pen is a whopping $1 million.

Special Anniversary Release of Perrier-Jouet

The Perrier-Jouet Anniversary Edition is one of the world's most costly writing instruments. This pen was made in honor of the Maison de Champagne in conjunction with Omas. It looks like a bottle of green Champagne and is loaded with allusions to the Maison's canon.

The nib of this pen is also made of 18-karat gold. The anemone bloom is engraved into the barrel. A commemorative logo for the 200th anniversary is included. The writing instrument can be bought, sold, or traded. The item is valued at $134,700 USD.

There is a pink variant of the pen, too. It was made in a small run of only 20 pieces. It is constructed entirely of luxurious rose gold.

Lord Faber-Caster

Graf von Faber-Caster is a brand name synonymous with fine writing instruments. These high-end pens and pencils are a beautiful example of how form can follow function.

Graf von Faber-Caster's flawless pencil is a high-end replica of the notecase pencil popular in the 19th century. The pencil has an extension made of sterling silver, an integrated sharpener, and a removable eraser.

Ebony, one of the toughest timbers, is used to make the barrel. The grain pattern of the wood is similar to snakeskin, and it is waxed by hand. Replica watch gears adorn the barrel as well.

"The Modernist"

The Caran d'Ache La Modernista pen is one of the most costly options available. A homage to the architect Antonio Gaudi, this high-end fountain pen has his likeness. The architect who pioneered the Catalan Modernist movement is being honored with this pen. Robert Perron, a jeweler, spent six months creating it. Twenty carats of the world's finest diamonds went into crafting the pen. It debuted in 2001 at the Paris Pen Show. An unknown bidder shelled up $265,000 to take ownership of the pen.

The La Modernista pen has 96 32-carat rubies in addition to the 20-carat diamonds. It also has a colorful ribbon encrusted with diamonds and sapphires.

Diamante Aurora Fountain Pen

The Aurora Company has been producing writing instruments since its founding in Turin, Italy in 1919. The pen is of the highest quality because of the use of rare stones and metals.

One of the most costly writing instruments is the Aurora Diamante fountain pen. More than 30 carats of diamonds are set into the Aurora Diamante's body. The pen features a platinum barrel. A bigger diamond sits atop it.

Only once a year can you buy an Aurora Diamante pen. The asking price is more than EUR 1,470,000. Its exclusivity has also been emphasized. There will only be eight available. Creating the pen is a two-year process.

By Anita Tan, Heaven's Gold Pen

The Heaven Gold Pen is the pinnacle of Anita Tan's pen designs for women. In honor of the ever-shifting planetary configurations, this stunning work of art was conceived. There are 161 sparkling diamonds set into the pen's design.

The Heaven Gold Pen costs over $1,000,000 USD. In terms of high-end writing instruments, this is the fourth most costly in the world. Anita Tan, a Canadian jeweler who also makes phone covers, designed the pen. She runs the business AlGems, which sells a broad variety of items.

The Heaven Gold Pen has a dainty cap embellished with glittering diamonds. It features 1,888 diamonds totaling 48 carats in weight. The writing instrument is pink gold. The barrel is made of platinum as well.


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