Pens That Feel Like Writing With a Pen

Finding pens that mimic the experience of using a pencil might be tricky, but you have a lot of possibilities. There is a pen for everyone, whether you want something that writes like a liquid pencil or is less likely to smudge.

Ballpoints That Can Be Erased

Erasable ballpoint pens are useful for many people, including educators, students, artists, and doodlers. Unlike pencils, the ink from these pens can be swiftly and easily erased, making them a far safer choice.

You may get these pens in a range of sizes and hues. The 0.5 mm tip is a common choice. If you want to doodle, this is the perfect size for you because you'll have a lot more control over your lines.

These pens are constructed using a rubber cement solution that does not penetrate the paper like traditional writing implements. The rubber tip of the pen makes it simple to remove the ink from the paper. After about 10 hours, the solution is still mostly dry but has solidified.

Other hues of erasable pens are accessible. Some of these pens, for instance, include inks of vivid hues. These pens are sold at a variety of retailers, such as Target and Lowe's.

Chalk in a Bottle

Those who have only ever written with a traditional pencil may be pleasantly surprised by the fluidity and ease of writing with a liquid pencil. In reality, the final product will have the feel and look of a bargain-bin ballpoint.

Liquid pencils are an alternative to standard pencils that employ liquid graphite in place of ink. You may erase your lines for up to three days using this ink. The ink will set after three days, making the paper unusable.

The new Sharpie Liquid Pencil does not leave a mark when the ink is removed, yet it may still be seen. The pen's barrel is also visible due to its translucent hue. You can see how much "lead" is still in the barrel thanks to this handy feature.

There are four unique erasers included with the pen. For students, this is a fantastic addition. Since kids are prone to making errors, it's useful to have an eraser that can be utilized from any position.

Ballpoint Roller Pens

The ink of a rollerball pen flows onto the paper while the pen's pronged tip spins. Ink is available in a rainbow of hues, and it is water-based.

It's also possible to get refills for rollerball pens. Picking the appropriate refill mechanism is crucial if you want to get the most out of your pen. A rollerball pen may take either a refill or a cartridge for ink.

Writing with a rollerball pen requires far less pressure than with a ballpoint, which is why many people prefer them. The process of writing is simplified and improved as a result. It's easier for the body too. If you have tired hands or suffer from writer's cramp, a rollerball is the perfect solution.

The smoother ink flow of a rollerball makes it ideal for note taking. There will be no smears or blotches from the ink, unlike with a ballpoint pen. It's perfect for fine script and comes in a wider range of colors than regular ballpoints.

Gel pens are a good option if you're worried about smudges or bleeding through. These pens are less prone to smudging and have a quicker drying period.

Watercolors and Brush Pens

Brush pens, in contrast to dip pens, allow for more varied and individual lettering effects and artistic expression. You're given a lot of leeway in terms of line width and color saturation. It's also simpler to use than traditional dip pens.

The nib's hardness will dictate the effect you can get. A softer tip is more manageable and offers greater flexibility when drawing different lines. A harsher tip, on the other hand, will have a more dramatic impact on a complicated job.

Brush pens' ends can be either made of felt, nylon, or synthetic bristles. Knowing the difference between these brush pen tip types can help you pick the perfect one for your next creative endeavor.

Writing with a brush pen may be relaxing and calming, but mastering the technique may take some time. You may obtain a feel for the strokes and pressure you'll need to use with your brush pen by first practicing on regular printer paper. The internet is a great resource for learning about cutting-edge methods.


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