Pain Management After Taking My Newly Pierced Ears Out For An Hour

It's important to take precautions after having your ears pierced. Firstly, you need to wash your hands thoroughly. If you do not, then you risk transferring germs and bacteria onto your ears, which could cause infection. Also, be sure to avoid bumps and knocks.

Pain Management

Pain management after taking newly pierced ears out for an hour begins with identifying the cause of the discomfort. While minor infections can usually be treated at home, if you think that you may have an allergy, your dermatologist may recommend a patch test to confirm the infection. In the meantime, you can soothe the ear with Vaseline or Aquaphor. If the symptoms persist, see a doctor right away.

Avoid excessively cleaning the area or using alcohol-based products as they can damage cells and slow the healing process. Instead, try a multivitamin containing zinc and vitamin C. This can help the healing process and help you prevent infection. If the infection persists, consult your healthcare provider and take antibiotics.

Taking a Multivitamin

A good multivitamin can be very helpful for healing after a piercing. It can boost the healing process and reduce the healing time. It also has ingredients like zinc and Vitamin C which can help heal the body. It is important to take a multivitamin immediately after a piercing to help the body heal faster.

It is important to wash your piercing thoroughly after getting it done. Avoid using antibacterial soap, which contains harsh chemicals that will harm your skin and delay the healing process. You should use alcohol-free mouthwash, but not too much. Make sure to rinse well, and don't rotate the jewelry in the piercing, since it can move slightly. When you shower, try to avoid using cloth towels because they can harbor bacteria and cause a piercing to be ruined.

Wearing a Starter Earring for At Least 12 Weeks

Before changing earring styles, you must make sure your ear piercing is healed. A starter earring is designed to stay in place for six to 12 weeks while the healing process occurs. Changing earrings too early can cause your piercing to close or get infected. In addition, it is essential to wash your ears regularly to prevent infection.

To keep your new starter earring in place, position your fingers on either side of the earring. Your thumb and index finger should hold the front of the earring and your index finger should grasp the earring post firmly. Avoid stretching or bending your earlobes; this may cause the earring to fall out.


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