Should I Rotate My Ear Piercing?

Rotate your ear piercing at least every few hours, or more often if it becomes itchy. Rotating your piercing will help promote healing and prevent infection. You should also wash your hands frequently to prevent bacteria from entering the area. Most people heal completely within three months.

Aftercare for Ear Piercings

Aftercare for ear piercing is important, especially for those who have just had the procedure done. To ensure the health of your piercing, you should avoid touching it with contaminated hands and clothes. Aftercare also includes cleaning the piercing regularly and moisturizing it. If you decide to wear jewelry, you should avoid overburdening your pierced ear, as it can cause irritation and infection.

Aftercare for ear piercing includes cleaning the piercing with a salt/saline solution, which you should do at least 24 hours after getting it done. It's also important to dry the area with a clean paper towel, as using regular towels may transfer bacteria.

Aftercare for ear piercing includes washing hands thoroughly and regularly. The area around your piercing should be wiped clean with Inverness Aftercare Solution. It's also important to rotate your earrings once or twice a day, to prevent adhesion. You should avoid rubbing the area with your fingers or rubbing the piercing with your nails. During the first two weeks, you should wear starter earrings that don't hurt your piercing. Do not remove them early, as this can cause the piercing to close. If you want to change your earring, wait about six weeks.

Aftercare for ear piercing includes following the instructions provided by the piercer. You should avoid playing with your earring or wearing tight neck shirts. Using alcohol-based products should also be avoided. It can cause irritation and buildup of product.


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