Photo Coasters Printed on Ceramic Tiles

An excellent idea for showcasing treasured pictures is to have them printed on tile photo coasters. The coasters may be used anywhere, from the living room to the kitchen, and they also make great presents for friends and family.

Putting Pictures on the Coasters

Photos on tile are a simple and inexpensive method to increase the market value of your property. An hour is all it takes to transform a plain tile into a personalized photo coaster with Mod Podge. The final product is something to be used frequently.

Felt squares adhered with hot glue will give your tile photo coaster a nice finishing touch. The unfinished appearance of these can be remedied by painting. For a longer-lasting fix, try spraying on a clear sealer. Doing so will increase the tiles' resistance to moisture.

Making a picture coaster successfully relies on having the correct dimensions. Your tile's dimensions will determine the size of your photo. You'll have to cut it down if it's too big for the tile you're using. To do something little and ingenious, you may reduce the size of your image with the help of a photo-imaging tool.

To Print With Inkjet Technology

Creating custom coasters or decorations for your house is a breeze when you use an inkjet printer to print images directly onto tile picture coasters. Photographs of loved ones, scenes from travels, or even photographs of the family pet may all be used to make one-of-a-kind home accents.

Tiling may be made to seem more polished by painting its borders. Adhesive-backed felt, which may be used to cover the bottom of the coaster, can be purchased at several arts and crafts stores. Alternatively, you might use a transparent spray acrylic sealer. Be careful to use a wax paper-lined surface if you intend to paint the tile's borders.

Ensure the print is oriented correctly before applying it on the coaster. With several pictures, this might become complicated. Big white dots might appear on your faces if the image is not oriented properly. You may ensure proper alignment by inverting the picture in an editing application.

To Get a Glass-Like Sheen

Making tiling photo coasters with a glassy finish is a fun way to show off your favorite images. You may use a picture printed on tissue paper or even felt to make a tile coaster. Presents like this are often well received by friends and loved ones.

Mod Podge your photo before adhering it on the tile for the best results. This glue may be used for both sealing and adhering, and it is water based. A minimum of 15 minutes is required for glue drying time.

Mod Podge may be applied to the back of your photo and then brushed over the front with a foam brush. In addition to sealing the seams, the Mod Podge should help eliminate any air pockets.

Now that the Mod Podge has dried, you may adhere the photograph on the tile. Spread the Mod Podge mixture over your photo, then place it on the tile. If you want to proceed, wait until the liquid has thoroughly coated the photograph.

They Can be Treated to Prevent Stains

DIY tile photo coasters are simple to make when you use photographs rather than construction paper. But acquiring suitable tools is essential for a productive outcome. To construct coasters that can withstand spills, you'll need special equipment and paint.

To get started, get a photo printed onto card paper. Make it tile-size by cutting it to fit. Moreover, a roll of wax paper will be required. This project works best on a laser printer, but you can also produce copies.

Applying Mod Podge to the photo is the next step. Just let it a few hours to dry out. It would be best to use a paper towel to clean the corners and any areas where air has been trapped. A photo may be affixed to the tile once the Mod Podge has dried.

Felt pads, which will be used to protect the tile's bottom corners, will also be required. Felt may be adhered to the base with glue or ribbon can be wrapped around it.


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