Can I Replace My Home Lamp with an Office One?

An office desk light may or may not be appropriate for use in a residential setting. You may put one to good use if you have the room and the cash. There are plenty of alternatives if not.

Dyson's Morph Lightcycle

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph desk lamp is the epitome of luxury in the workplace. It reduces blue light while producing better light overall. In addition, it may be controlled via a motion sensor and smartphone app.

The Intelligent Optical Head (IOH) from Dyson aids in cooling the bulbs. It also diverts warm air from the LED bulbs. This shields the bulbs from premature deterioration.

LightCycle Morph may detect motion and activate automatically. The auto brightness feature automatically adjusts the light level in response to variations in ambient light. The lamp has a shade that can be swiveled to point in either the vertical or horizontal direction. There's a white and a black version available.

The Dyson Lightcycle Morph looks quite modern and sophisticated. It can't be fingerprinted and it's Energy Star approved. The CRI rating is 90/100. It emulates the look of natural lighting by employing AI and heat-pipe technologies. The expected lifespan is over 60 years.

Hektar Ikea

A home desk lamp may be a great aid to productivity. You may get a desk light in whatever size you need nowadays.

The greatest desk lights are those that provide a variety of useful functions in addition to illumination. Some of them are energy efficient, and some even have a night light built in. A perfect illustration is the Ikea Hektar. It includes a wireless charging station and a Qi-compatible E14 bulb.

The brightness of this lamp may be changed at the press of a button. A 60-minute shutoff timer is included for further convenience. A USB cable and a guarantee of one year are included. The port can be used to supply power to a mobile device or computer.

The desk lamp has a broad head that casts a lot of light. It also comes in a rainbow of colors to suit your taste. Because of the LED bulb's extended lifespan, incandescent bulbs will need to be replaced less frequently.

Electric Globe 56963

There is a choice that is likely to fulfill your lighting demands, whether you're hoping to spruce up your home office with a chic desk lamp or you're just attempting to wow your coworkers. Simple task lighting may be attained with the Globe Electric 56963 32" Multi-Joint Desk Lamp. It comes with a rotary on/off switch, a metal clamp, and a six-foot wire. It also has a verification process that is worthy of a binge.

Even though I consider myself to be a bit of a snob, when I looked at this home office item, I felt a pang of jealousy. The metal base is slim and inconspicuous, making it simple to set up even on the sleekest of contemporary workstations. The six-foot rope is long enough to reach most workstations, and the arm can be quickly adjusted using the wing nuts on the base.

LED Lighting, Eppie Basic

The EppieBasic LED office desk lamp may be adjusted in terms of brightness and color temperature, and it provides broad, even illumination. It has a silicone finish on the neck and is composed of high-quality aluminum alloy. A 24-watt LED light source, a UL power cord, and instructions are included with the lamp purchase. There is a 30-day replacement guarantee as well.

The 31.5-inch, 24-watt LED light bar in this desk lamp provides bright, glare-free light across the whole workspace. It has a detachable, adjustable neck, a USB connector, and a Bluetooth speaker. It works wonderfully for single- or multiple-monitor reading and crafts.

The brightness and color temperature of the lamp may be changed with the press of a button. It also includes a memory feature that will remember the last brightness and color temperature settings you used.


Whether you do your job at home or in an office, a desk lamp may help you concentrate and get things done. These desk lamps are lightweight, adaptable, and can be moved to suit your needs. There are, however, a few considerations you should make before making your purchase.

Buying a desk light requires careful consideration of your individual requirements and financial constraints. There are specialty lamps available that can assist set the mood or clear the desk. These optional additions can be useful as well. Some desk lights, for instance, may be used to charge a mobile device. Some even let you change how bright the light is.

There are currently both incandescent and LED options for desk lights. Compared to traditional incandescent light bulbs, they produce less heat and consume less energy. There are also "smart" LED lights on the market. The lumen brightness of smart LED bulbs is lower than that of regular incandescent lights, and therefore consume far less electricity.


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