Table Lamp Varieties

There are many different varieties of desk lamps available to suit a wide range of needs and decors. The primary types include full-spectrum, boom-arm, and arc lights.

Luminaires à Arc

The first arc light was made in 1809, and its inventor was Sir Humphry Davy. Electrodes were held in place in the first lamp of its kind. It was a very tall and skinny building.

Pure carbon was used for the electrodes, however these wore out quickly and needed to be replaced often. As the lamp was turned on, they slowly dissipated.

For a long period of time, the arc lamp was the standard for public illumination. It was also implemented in the illumination of factories and theaters. It also had a role in the birth of the film industry.

Several generations of arc lamps proved particularly useful for a wide range of photochemical tasks. A flame-carbon arc lamp, for example, was three times as efficient as an open-arc light.

A blue hue might be achieved with some arc lamp designs. These lights were ideal for architectural drawing and industrial photography.

The carbon arc lamp was superseded by the incandescent light bulb in the 1880s. These lights are no longer in use today.

UV light was shielded from early observers by using globes. Searchlights were also aimed with these bulbs. The electrodes in certain types might be physically separated. The tops of these types were often open for ventilation purposes.

Some pioneers experimented with magnetic weights and friction clutches. Even duplex lights were tested. While others just "winked" when their mechanisms were unable to keep up with the rods.

Lights on a Boom

While a Boom arm desk lamp may seem like a gimmick at first, it may be a useful tool in the proper hands. Sufficient lighting for a large workstation can be tricky to provide, and in many circumstances, an extra pair of lights is required.

The Luxe Lamp Cordless Desk Lamp is among the finest boom arm desk lamps available. The lamp can be used for at least three hours on a single charge, and it is portable and cordless. It has a bendable arm and uses 28 energy-efficient LED lamps. The lamp's height of less than a foot makes it a decent match for most workstations.

One more competitor worth considering is the Dyson Lightcycle Morph. The lamp has a few peculiarities, but the ability to adjust the light's color temperature is the most noticeable. It has an unusually long LED life span and a timer that lasts for up to 40 minutes. The green glass lamp shade is another distinguishing feature. It's a gimmick, albeit not as much as the dubious features seen in competing models.

The TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp has several extra perks that make it more pricey, but they're definitely worth it. This version comes with a built-in nightlight and can charge your phone wirelessly.


The best method to illuminate your workstation is with a full-spectrum desk light. It will also help you see more clearly by reducing eye strain and increasing contrast.

There is a wide selection of aesthetic and functional designs available for full-spectrum light bulbs. They last ten times as long as incandescent lights while using significantly less energy. Painting and computer work benefit greatly from the use of full-spectrum lighting. The size is ideal for holding and writing in.

Incorporating cutting-edge full spectrum illumination, the Princeton Deluxe Full Spectrum Desk & Table Lamp is both stylish and functional. It uses superior electronic ballast technology and flicker-elimination technology to provide a pure white light that covers the complete visible spectrum. The contrast between black and white is also enhanced.

The CRI (color rendering index), which evaluates the quality of the light spectrum, will also be higher with a full-spectrum bulb. When creating works of art or photographs, it is essential to have access to a lighting source with a high CRI rating since it will render colors faithfully.

The 1,122 lumens of the Bright Reader LED Office Clamp Lamp's white light are ideal for reading. It has an adjustable neck and a full-spectrum 13-watt light. The magnetic clip/pin holder is built into the 24"H base of the light, which is ETL-listed. A 14" arm, with a spring balance, is included.

The Bright Reader Desk Lamp has an adjustable brightness setting and LED bulbs that won't flicker. It is 10 by 7 inches in size and has energy-saving features.


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