Tips for Finishing Your Dotted Mandalas and Coasters

To produce one-of-a-kind and special decorations for your house, try using a stencil to add dots to your own coasters. But you should seal your coasters so they don't become dirty and fade over time. So, to assist you in doing so, here are some suggestions.


It's a good idea to clean your coasters after dot painting or dotting mandalas, whether you've had them for decades or are simply looking to spruce up your desk. Thankfully, there are some pointers available to help you get going.

If you want your design to be perfectly centered, use an oval as a guide. This is a classy approach to improving the visual appeal of your creation. The use of complimentary hues is another ingenious technique. Mix and match bright colors like red and green or orange and blue.

Many other details are also important to remember, such as selecting the appropriate brushes, removing any old paint, and selecting the appropriate paint tins. One further suggestion is to dilute your paintings with acrylics or any other liquid material.

Using Synthetic Bristles Instead of Animal Hair

If you're a true art aficionado, picking out a paintbrush might feel like a Herculean undertaking. Make wise decisions and steer clear of the hazards of a subpar brush; there are hundreds of brush enthusiasts competing for your business. Do your research before purchasing a brush, since most producers just label their products with the name of a well-known brand. The golden guideline is to always use a brush that is many notches above the others and never resort to the plastic version.

Only use paintbrushes made of natural materials, such as bamboo or sable, for the greatest results. Always use high-quality paint on your brushes, and clean them thoroughly after use. It's best to let them air dry for a few days before using them.

Applying a Stencil

Dot painting and dotting mandalas on coasters is a fun art activity, and sealing the item with a stencil is a terrific way to complete. This activity may be done by both young and old, and is certain to be a good time. An equal and straighter design may be achieved with the use of a stencil.

When you go to the Dollar Tree, you may get rock painting stencils. After you're done dot painting or dotting mandalas onto your coasters, seal them with a weatherproof paint. The use of spray sealants is another option. Find one that will provide a uniform seal over your rock. The base coat can also be etched using a special tool.

It's also possible to use erasers on pencils. Dots of varying sizes may be made with these instruments by first selecting the appropriate taper and then sharpening it. They're so good, in fact, that you can use them as stamps. Alternately, you may use paint pens of varying sizes.

Crafting One-of-a-Kind Holiday Decorations

It's a lot of fun to construct your own Christmas decorations by using techniques like dot painting and dotting mandalas. There is no prescribed format, and the options are practically limitless.

Dot painting is an entertaining and easy activity that can be done using supplies you probably already have lying around the house. In particular, it is widespread on rocky surfaces. In only a few simple steps, you can make the most beautiful ornament for the holidays.

To begin, arrange your design in a straight line on a flat surface. After that, pick your hues. When making patterns, try to choose colors that are very different from one another. Color choices will effect the final appearance of your ornament. The color wheel is another useful tool for finding the right color combination.

If this is your first time, I recommend practicing on some cheap card material. Once you've mastered it, you may go on to a regular paint board.

Putting Down Your Drink on Cork Coasters

As a final step, sealing your dot paintings and dotted mandalas with cork coasters is a fantastic idea, as well as making your own caulk. You can create a unique centerpiece for your table that won't break the bank. You can finish your cork coasters in one day if you do some painting.

White acrylic paint works well for painting cork coasters. It is recommended to use a tiny cork pad for holding your paint and to spray a clear acrylic gloss spray on top for protection.

Use non-permanent, washable dot markers to make a polka dot masterpiece on your corkboard. These marks are long-lasting and simple to remove from any surface when the celebration is finished. Their glitter might make them even more dazzling.


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