Structure for Success: Bachelor of Architecture

The profession of an architect involves the creation of a spatial environment (settlements, urban environments, buildings, structures, complexes with life support systems, dealing with infrastructure problems etc.).

This environment must meet technical, functional, and aesthetic requirements depending on temporal, geographical, ethnic, and many other factors. These can include from choosing wooden homeware to planning a city neghbourhood. 

In professional activity, a bachelor of architecture solves one or several types of tasks: design and technological (architectural design) and analytical (pre-project analysis).

Graduates of the direction "Architecture" successfully work in leading companies and design institutes, carry out the development of the architectural section of the design documentation for capital construction projects and hold positions such as architect and senior architect.

From the first course of study, there is an intensive immersion in the profession. In addition to studying a block of basic disciplines, students participate in the development of project proposals with their subsequent implementation, study a foreign language in the field of professional communication, and regularly take part in competitive projects held by various organizations. All this requires time. And if you want to devote more time directly to projects, and not waste time on secondary tasks such as writing papers, then it is best to contact an essay writing service like EssayShark. They will help you with your written assignments quickly and efficiently.

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Architecture at Universities Worldwide

Architecture is not only the ability to design buildings but also the knowledge of mechanics.

Becoming a professional architect, a qualified specialist must take into account the grandeur of the building being constructed, its practicality, functionality, safety, and reliability.

Many universities worldwide that teach a course in architecture focus not only on the technical and design aspect of this discipline.

Much attention is paid to the cultural and historical context. Lectures on history and the theory itself are given simultaneously with art and 3D design to demonstrate to students the perfect approach to learning every nuance of their chosen profession.

To become an architect, you must complete a five-year course and gain several years of work experience before being admitted to the final exams. But that is not all! You also need to be accredited and licensed. In the UK, for example, after completing the first three years of study, students become members of the Royal Institute of British Architects and only then are enrolled in the second, two-year stage of study, after which they can already receive a bachelor's or master's degree in architecture.

Architecture Career

After a minimum of five years of study, architecture graduates are prepared to take on many professional roles, including those of an architect, process engineer, or interior designer.

You will be proficient in budgeting, safety, building codes, and planning laws and will be able to work as a surveyor, historic conservation specialist, civil engineer, landscape architect, urban planner, and many others.

Minimum Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for majors in architecture at universities will depend on the country of study. At a minimum, for admission to a bachelor's program, a student will need to provide:

  • Certificate of secondary education or high school diploma
  • Foreign language test results.

For admission to master's programs at universities, students must provide:

  • Bachelor's degree in specialty
  • Foreign language test results

Admission requirements for undergraduate or graduate programs in architecture may vary by institution and country.

If you need to improve an IELTS score for an Architecture degree, sign up for IELTS courses.

In Which Universities Can You Study Architecture?

There are schools that focus only on teaching commercial architecture, while others inspire students to restore historic and baroque buildings. Choose an educational institution that will make you a master of exactly the type of profession to which you are most inclined. Below is a list of the top UK 10 institutions that offer courses in architecture:

  1. University of Cambridge
  2. University of Bath
  3. University College London
  4. Cardiff University
  5. University for the Creative Arts
  6. University of Kent
  7. Northumbria University
  8. University of Huddersfield
  9. UWE Bristol
  10. University of East London.
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Also, a good option is to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Germany.

The specialty "Architecture" is one of the most demanded not only in Germany but throughout the world. According to the latest data, more than 100 German universities and high schools offer applicants faculties related to architecture.

All of the universities in Germany are united by the fact that training in them lasts three years. After a bachelor's degree, you can enroll in a master's program and study for another two years.

There are exceptions: for example, at the Technische Hochschule Bochum, the program lasts four years. Also, some universities are abandoning the common system with two levels of education and offering the so-called Diplomstudiengang. Education at such a faculty lasts longer, but the level of professional training is higher. A similar offer can be found, for example, at the Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden).

Unfortunately, it is difficult to talk about a single standard in admission requirements. It all depends on the university. Admission can take place as in most faculties - according to NC (Numerus Clausus). Specialties with NC are specialties with limited access; upon admission, your average score on the certificate is considered.

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