How iGaming Companies Contribute to the Improvement of the Environment

The iGaming industry, like many other industries, has seen an increase in the recognition of the value of environmental conservation in recent years. While making money and providing enjoyment are the main priorities of iGaming companies, many of these businesses also understand that they are responsible for promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability. Some gaming companies try to actively contribute to environmental betterment by supporting conservation programs and implementing eco-friendly methods within their operations. Let's examine the efforts these businesses are making to protect the environment and make recommendations for the iGaming sector.

Green Gaming Initiatives

One of the most significant ways in which gambling companies are doing their part to protect the environment has to be through green gaming initiatives. These initiatives must aim to promote responsible gambling while also reducing the environmental impact of online gaming activities.

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Vitaliy Klymenko, Editor In Chief at Slotamia, has researched what initiatives have been taken recently by the well-known Gaming giants, that can be modeled for the iGaming industry:

  • Horizon: Forbidden West, Sony's environmental initiative: With the release of Horizon: Forbidden West, Sony Interactive Entertainment began an environmental campaign. The primary character of the game, Aloy, had to protect a future Earth from dangerous creatures like diseased soil, machines that resembled animals, and deteriorating storms.
    Sony teamed up with the Arbour Day Foundation to plant a real tree for each "Reached the Daunt" trophy that was unlocked in the game, until their target of 2,88,000 trees was achieved.
  • Prioritizing the Planet's commitment to environmentally responsible activations: The Playing for the Planet Alliance was established in response to the industry's commitment during the 2019 Climate Action Summit, which took place at the UN headquarters in New York. One of their most significant initiatives is the Green Game Jam, an event wherein game makers work together to create "green activations" in their games that draw players' imaginations and focus on climate change. Due to game activations, almost 2,60,000 real-world trees have been planted as a result of the Jam, and nearly $800,000 has been donated to various environmental charities. 
  • 3,000,000 trees planted and Anno 1800 by Ubisoft: Anno 1800, one of the 2021 winners, was another significant influence that came from the Green Game Jam. There were moments in the game where players had to clean up pollution left by invading armies. Players were also tasked with creating a new civilization in the game without destroying the environment. Additionally, Ubisoft, the publisher of the game, planted more than 3,000,000 trees using the money they made from in-game purchases.

What Steps Can iGaming Take to Begin Making a Positive Environmental Impact?

As we have already found out, the iGaming sector has a lot to learn from large gaming corporations, which can already start contributing to the improvement of the environment. The iGaming market is constantly growing, and there are more and more new games slots, respectively, and users worldwide.

For example, Slotamia has already successfully launched many new games, including The Big Dawgs, 2 Wild 2 Die, Land of the Free, Sands of Time, Sugar Pop Drops, and others. And that's not the finish; there are more to come, both in the quantity factor and in the context of the user's interest. And, of course, other companies confidently continue to develop slots, too. Even though the fact that the game is online, already says that the efect is not so destructive for the environment.

However, let's look at ways to develop:

  1. Transition to Renewable Energy: iGaming companies can reduce their carbon footprint by transitioning to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or hydroelectric power. Investing in renewable energy infrastructure for data centers and server farms can significantly lower energy consumption and carbon emissions associated with online gaming operations.
  2. Participate in Carbon Offsetting Programs: To offset the environmental impact of their operations, iGaming companies can participate in carbon offsetting programs. By investing in projects that reduce or capture greenhouse gas emissions, such as reforestation efforts or renewable energy projects, companies can effectively neutralize their carbon footprint and support global climate action efforts.
  3. Adopt Sustainable Practices: iGaming companies can adopt sustainable practices within their offices and facilities to minimize waste and promote recycling. Implementing recycling programs for paper, plastic, and electronics, as well as using eco-friendly packaging materials, can reduce waste and contribute to environmental conservation.
  4. Support Conservation Partnerships: iGaming companies can partner with conservation organizations and initiatives to support environmental conservation efforts. By contributing financially and raising awareness about critical environmental issues, companies can leverage their resources and platforms to amplify the impact of conservation initiatives:



Conservation Partnerships

iGaming companies collaborate with conservation organizations to support environmental conservation efforts.

Financial Contribution

Companies contribute financially to conservation initiatives, providing resources to support conservation projects.

Awareness-raising Initiatives

By raising awareness about critical environmental issues, companies help educate the public and promote environmental conservation.

Environmental Advocacy

iGaming companies advocate for environmental conservation, supporting initiatives that protect natural habitats and biodiversity.

Community Engagement

Engagement with conservation organizations fosters community involvement in environmental conservation efforts.

  1. Engage Employees in Sustainability: iGaming companies can engage their employees in sustainability initiatives and volunteer activities related to environmental conservation. Organizing community clean-up events, tree-planting campaigns, and other volunteer opportunities can foster a sense of corporate social responsibility and promote environmental stewardship among employees.
  2. Align with Sustainable Development Goals: iGaming companies can align their environmental initiatives with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal 13: Climate Action and Goal 15: Life on Land. By supporting these global goals, companies demonstrate their commitment to addressing pressing environmental challenges and promoting a sustainable future for all.


iGaming companies play a significant role in environmental conservation through various initiatives and practices. From promoting responsible gaming behavior to investing in renewable energy and supporting conservation partnerships, these companies are actively contributing to the improvement of the environment. By prioritizing sustainability and environmental responsibility, iGaming companies can make a positive impact on the Planet and inspire others to follow suit.

Author - Aleksandra Djurdjevic
Aleksandra Djurdjevic          

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