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2Cellos, the internationally acclaimed musical duo featuring Luka Šulić and Hauser, is a global sensation. Their stunning and groundbreaking approach to cello music has captivated the world's attention. They recently celebrated their 10th anniversary, masterfully transforming classical musical instruments into what can only be described as genre-defying art.

Today, we're going to take a look at their unrivaled success. This dynamite duo showcases some of the finest tracks for streaming on Spotify. Fellow aspiring music fans can also make a splash on Spotify, just like 2Cellos!

Based on an interview conducted at the Violin Studio, the dynamic duo was asked about their musical instruments. We know that Luka Šulić and Hauser use Yamaha Silent Cellos for shows, but they use wooden acoustic cellos for classical music. All of the recordings are created using wooden cellos. In terms of strings, they use spirals called tungsten C and G, as well as Evah Pirazzi soloists D and A. 

Occasionally, they'll use Larsen Soloist Strong A strings. Their bow is typically Yamaha carbon fiber—it doesn't break as easily.

For wood connoisseurs, cellos are typically made from hand-carved wood with a spruce top and maple on the back, neck, and sides. The bellies are typically softwood like spruce or pine. For the music enthusiasts out there, that is top-class.

Now, let's get to the music! As we traverse their remarkable journey to superstardom, everything rapidly comes into sharp focus.

Folks, this duo is a hot property on Spotify, with 1,085,872 followers + and 1,061,547+ monthly listeners. Their following is genuinely global, with Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Australia, and the UK dominating the scene, particularly with the top cities supporting this group. Consider the following stats:

  • São Paulo, BR: 13,043 listeners
  • Istanbul, TR: 12,911 listeners
  • Mexico City, MX: 11,584 listeners
  • Sydney, AU: 10,663 listeners
  • London, GB: 9,904 listeners

First and foremost, 2Cellos is a fantastic reimagining of classical music in the modern age. As such, they have a tremendous ability to fuse multiple genres into an extraordinary new sound. They have blended rock, pop, and classical music to create song titles with millions of streams worldwide.

Thanks to Spotify's massive listener base, fans enjoy the creme de la crème of 2Cellos—take a look!

Song Title


Daily Streams

Smooth Criminal



With Or Without You









Game of Thrones Medley



May it Be



Such is the star power of 2Cellos, which successfully collaborated, performed, and shared stages with music legends. These include the inimitable superstars Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, and the formidable Steven Tyler of Aerosmith fame. This enhances their stellar reputation, exemplifies excellence, amplifies their brand, and cements their credibility with fans. 

2Cellos has the auspicious honor of performing at iconic venues around the world. These include the Sydney Opera House, Radio City Music Hall, and the charming Royal Albert Hall.

Let's switch gears as we check out their star power on YouTube, where they post a subscriber base of 6.55 million+, total views of 1.5 billion+, and then some. They've got 213 videos and counting, 15 playlists, and 25 releases on YouTube.

Among the many notable videos on YouTube are Thunderstruck, with 267 million views; Pirates of the Caribbean, with 94 million views; and Wake Me Up, with 71 million views.

But Spotify is where it's at for 2Cellos! They have already released several pulse-pounding albums filled with the intensity of rock 'n' roll and the timeless beauty of classical music. These two seemingly oppositional genres enjoy near-perfect musical harmony in a cacophony of jarring and twisted elegance. It is sheer brilliance, to be precise. Among the most notable albums released by 2Cellos on Spotify include the following:

Album Title


Daily Streams




Celloverse (Japan Version)



Let There Be Cello



Many others abound, including Celloverse, with 130 million+ streams and a daily stream count of 28,951+, and scores more. This veritable symphony orchestra of rock, modern pop, and classical music is here to stay. They became viral YouTube sensations, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry worldwide. They are inspirational, phenomenal, and unrelenting in their innovation, style, and talent. Their journey to superstardom has taken years, but they have arrived and dropped anchor. Let it rock and roll classically! 

Author - Aleksandra Djurdjevic
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