Let the Keyless Front Door Locks Make Your Life Easy and Safe!

You are at peace when you know your home is safe. The source of such a sense of calmness can be the doors equipped with solid locking mechanisms that keep intruders and burglars away. However, every system, even the locks, needs an upgrade with time to deal with modern threats. In this context, keyless locks deserve a quick look. These stylish options are convenient and much safer.

Unlike the conventional lock-and-key approach, intelligent door hardware operates through electronic keypads, smartphones, fingerprints, fobs, etc.

Should you dive into this option without any prior thought? Let's explore the idea to make an informed decision.

Keyless Entry Door Systems

holding the door key

These can be either locks with wireless connection or manually operated keyless locks. A good locksmith Lebanon Oregon can fix any of them. The traditional locks come with a pin tumbler, which you can unlock by turning the right key inside the hole. Keyless options depend on motor, electricity, or digital connection. The most common choice in these locks can be keypad entry. If you get a high-end Wi-Fi smart lock, you can open it from your smartphone, even from a distance. Homeowners like these choices to eliminate the risks of getting locked out due to door key misplacement. Also, you can lock your door even in a hurry through your smartphone.

Nevertheless, these locks can also have a bad day. Imagine malfunctioning or battery discharge issues. To your rescue, you get a physical key as a backup.

Factors Behind Choosing Keyless Entry Door Systems

One reason for selecting these locks can be the advanced security features. It can be your second area of consideration, followed by relief from unwanted locked-out events. You can check on your door even from far away if you forget to lock it. Some smart locks offer higher security by providing limited or date-based access codes for scheduled entry. Rental vacation property owners can significantly benefit from these features. Those who want to add another layer of safety to their front door can activate a two-step authentication process. However, you must pay attention to these details when shopping for locks. Do you worry about installation? Even a locksmith Corvallis Oregon can help with these arrangements.

While smart locks may seem complex, they're actually quite straightforward to install. A locksmith will either attach the lock to your existing deadbolt or take the necessary steps to integrate it into your door. These locks are typically compatible with standard doors measuring about 1 3/8" to 2" thick and the deadbolt hole 1 ½ to 2 1/8 inches in size. Your locksmith will handle these technical details, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free installation process.

People often have robust logic behind making a specific choice. In the case of safety and security of the house, they are more attentive. One has to be so, after all. However, think again if you want these locks for a 100% hacking-free experience. No lock can ensure this. Modern locks add a better safety layer to your home than the traditional lock-and-key options. You can strengthen them by initiating two-step authentication, extensive access codes (about six digits), timely app updates, etc.

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